6 Tips for Orchestrating Website Downtime

Website Downtime is an inevitability in web hosting, and there's no shame in acknowledging and preparing for this unfortunate eventuality. Here are a few ways to prepare yourself mentally and technically for the times it comes to pass. Source: JohnSeb 1. Accept that it will happen : Knowing that your website will go down and that you have no means of knowing when or why it happens is essential to keeping your cool and responding rationally when it happens. You don't need to brood over it, and you don't need to panic when it does happen; just acknowledge that you'll have to fix it, and make a plan to do so. 2. Identify your major … [Read more...]

How to Change System Tray Time format to AM/PM in Windows 7


Usually, Windows 7 Operating System shows System Tray timings in 24 Hr. clock.  ie., 21:34 . If you would like to change it to AM / PM format , just follow these Simple procedures on your Windows 7. Step 1 : Go to Control Panel and select View by: Large icons . Select "Region and Language" in the Control Panel. Step 2 : Now a "Region and Language " dialog box will appear. Select "Additional Settings" from the dialog box . Step 3 : From the new dialog box that appears, Select "Time" tab . In the "Time Formats" area, modify the format as, Short time : hh:mm tt Long time : hh:mm:ss … [Read more...]

25 Lovely HD Images of Heart Photography for Inspiration


I just had a few collection of heart pictures and so decided to put them on blog, so i collected few more, about 50 images and here i have selected the best of them for your inspiration. The Photography is really awesome, no words to explain. These snaps were taken in a high definition camera as you can get the feel of Quality as if appearing infront of your eyes. Most of the images have the auto focus feature enabled, that gets you a much better effect ever, by focusing  closer ones. Hope you love the collection . Get more such Collections of beautiful Photography and Design on your email. … [Read more...]

How to Analyze and Follow a list of Twitter users from CSV format


I have explained earlier about how to Bulk Follow/ Unfolllow people on twitter using Tweepi Recently Tweepi has introduced a new tool to analyze and follow a list of users by just pasting a list of Twitter ID's in CSV format inside a text box. The Twitter ID's can also be arranged one per line, to analyze and bulk follow them. Analyze : Login to Tweepi using the button at the top right corner ( No password or Sign Up needed ). You can find the Analyze option in top right corner of the website. Bulk Follow : Generate a list of Twitter ID's either by using the FollowFriday technique or by any other way. The list can … [Read more...]

50 Awesome Logo Design Collection for Inspiration

Here is a latest collection of Awesome Logo Design Collection for Inspiration. All of these logos are very creative and have trends like PhotoFill, Concealed,  Candy Stripe, Flip Flop, Sequential, but most importantly Texting is a common element among all of them. Stay updated with our latest Design collection via Email updates Source : Instantshift … [Read more...]

The Atlantis Hotel, Dubai : Cheapest room at $35,000 a night

No, this is not the Alice in Wonderland ! It’s the Grand opening of Atlantis hotel in Dubai , Where the cheapest room goes around $35,000 a night ! The hotel is situated on 113 acres of the Palm Jumeirah ( a man-made island ), and has about 1539 rooms. Here are some few Snapshots of the Hotel Grand Opening Kylie Minogue was billed to perform an hour long set to the 2,000 elite guests including the actors, musicians and politicians, for a staggering $4 million $6 million fireworks display from Grucci’s, the organization which organized the displays for the Beijing Olympics $3 million was spent on Catering ( a dinner designed by 4 Michelin … [Read more...]

Make Money : How i made 52$ from Twitter Advertising

I have explained earlier about how to build huge Twitter followers easily using free twitter tools. If you havn't went through the topics, do have a look on it. 1. 7 Simple Steps to increase your Twitter Followers 2. Tweepi – The Best bulk follow/unfollow twitter tool Well, so now you got huge followers list and you wanna make money with your Twitter account ? here it goes, Be-a-Magpie - Twitter Advertising Here is a Service named Be-a-Magpie, a Twitter Advertising Platform, ( not associated with Twitter ) that will help you earn few $ just for tweeting. Just Register and set your tweets to auto post . Usually they posts ads on your … [Read more...]

Facebook Trick : Play Pranks with your Facebook Friends

This trick helps you to play pranks with your facebook friends just by updating your Status. Here is the link that all matters.. that makes the trick. Post your Status with this link : Just try it out Yourself. Whenever a person is Logged into his facebook account, when this link is accessed, this will redirect the person to his Own Profile page. So you could add your Status Message like this , "I just love this person so much. " Note : While sharing the link on your wall, don't forget to remove the Thumbnail linked with it. Post the status with a plain text and the link. Hope you people enjoyed with the trick . Share … [Read more...]

Funny Error Messages And Pop-Ups on Windows

Welcome back readers, Just a Week back i got a Forward mail from one of my friend, with some of these funny pictures.. I just really enjoyed it a lot that i wished to share it with my blog readers. So i have added few more pics to keep up with the taste. Hope you will enjoy this Funny Error Messages and Pop-Ups on Windows . Image 1 : Image 2 : Image 3 : Image 4 : Image 5 : Image 6 : Image 7 : Image 8 : Image 9 : Well, Its time for you to Share your Comments with us :) … [Read more...]

Send Free Unlimited SMS to India from Web : 25 SMS in a Single Click

Way2SMS is the leading Free Unlimited SMS provider in India for past few years. This is because their Speed of delivery is Extremely Fast, incomparable with any of the other free SMS providers in the market. For past few  months they are allowing to send 25 SMS at a single shot through group SMS facility. Their main source of Income is through Google Adsense and other Advertising Networks. Only irritating thing to notice in the site is that the Website is completely flooded with Ads and pop Ups, however they are arranged in such a way that they are not that much annoying.  If you are using Google Chrome, ADBlock Extension will … [Read more...]

Readymade Contact Form with Captcha Code to Integrate with your Website

Here's a sleek ready-made contact form with captcha code for you to integrate with your website in minutes. For past few days am running out of lots of spam mails on my website, hope you are using some Plugins to remove spam comments from your Blog. But incase of Websites, to stay away from spammers, here i have found a PHP contact form with Captcha enabled Script thats works very well. Integrate the simple Readymade Contact Form with Captcha Code to your website and enjoy spam free emails. You can do it in just few minutes without any Programming Knowledge using these simple steps. Download and Modify e-mail ID : This simple … [Read more...]

Ten reasons why you should wait for the Nokia N8

By now, everyone of you must be knowing about Nokia's new device, the N8. It's been a while since N8 was the trending topic on online boards and the device's launch date is getting closer, day by day. If you're considering buying a (smart)phone for yourself now and don't mind postponing it by a couple of months, you must check the N8 out, thoroughly. Here are ten quick points why you SHOULD wait for the N8: USB OTG : Take your thumb drive out, plug it on the N8 and transfer files. Woot! I can transfer movies, music, photos and other data to and from my Nokia N8.  Also supports USB powered portable hard disks! The AMOLED, MULTITOUCH … [Read more...]

How to Appear Offline to Selected Friends in Facebook

Facebook chat is one of the coolest and most useful feature in FaceBook. However, if you have both the Friends and Online Business Clients on the same Facebook account, here is how to stay offline from one group and choose only selected contacts with whom you want to chat with. Well i got to blog for this, as many of my friends were asking me how to stay invisible from particular friends and here is how to do it :) Step 1 : Go to Chat Box that is found at the lower right side of the page and then, click on Friends List. A small window will appear, where you will be able to create a new list. For Eg., Now i have Created lists named "My … [Read more...]

Free File Hosting for Twitter with TwittLoad

Wanna share files on Twitter instantly ? Now its made very easy to share files. With TwittLoad, a Free File Hosting twitter application, you can share files with friends on twitter. Simultaneously, you can Update your Twitter status and share files with your friends , Its very simple ! TwittLoad is designed with a better User Interface, Just login with twitter and its all done, all the Recent uploads are displayed at the bottom of the page. It’s a simple application and if you have any plan to share files on twitter, do give it a try. You can also share the link anywhere , its the best way to upload and share Light Sized files. How … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro Qwerty with Touchscreen Interface

Sony Ericsson introduces the Xperia X10 mini pro with a side-slide QWERTY keyboard, one of the version of Xperia X10 Series. Ask a friend over, Or just get in touch. Messaging is instant with Xperia™ X10 mini pro. A full slide-out QWERTY keyboard and intuitive touch screen right at your fingertips. Camera 5 - Megapixel Flash / light type - Photo flash Auto focus Geo-tagging Other Features & Specifications Talktime - 4 hrs ( GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 ) Standby Time - 300 hours Phone memory - 128MB Expandable Memory - MicroSD™ ( up to 16 GB ) Screen - 240 x 320 pixels Weight - 120 gms Approximate Price - … [Read more...]

How to Setup a Static IP Address in Windows Vista

Here is a simple way to Assign a Static IP Address in Windows Vista. Just follow the instructions below, its very simple . Step 1: Open the Start Menu, right-click on Network, and select Properties from the Pop up menu. Step 2: Select " Manage network connections " from the Left Pane in the Network and Sharing Center.  Step 3: Right-click on the Network Adapter which you want to assign an IP address and Select Properties. Step 4: Click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) in Local Area Connevtion Properties and then select the Properties button . Step 5: Now change the following, IP Address Subnet mask Default Gateway … [Read more...]

10 Brilliant iPad Apps for Designers

Now that the long-awaited iPad is here, designers have a new tool to help them be productively creative. Consider the following apps that can help you do just that. Source: lucamascaro 1. Phaidon Design Classics ($19.99) An excellent repository of classic designs, this app takes you on a visual, guided tour of 1,000 designs that are considered classics. This is especially helpful for new or aspiring designers. 2. Adobe Ideas (Free) Never scribble your ideas on the back of a napkin again! This digital sketchbook, which comes from the makers of Illustrator and Photoshop, gives you a simple way to capture your ideas on the … [Read more...]

Buy Youtube Views – Boost your YouTube Videos ratings easily

YouTube videos is often need a boost to go viral and here is a service,  Buy Youtube Views that can provide you the Best Quality Video Views. Do you know ?? If you get enough video ratings or video favorites, YouTube will give you honors such as, most favorite, most viewed in a day/week/month, most commented or most rated. Once you receive these honors YouTube will place you on these pages. This can create millions of YouTube views. Services Overview : * Provides Real Views to your videos * Provides Premium subscribers, ratings, comments, and favorites! * Helps your Online Business grow Also YouTube views and … [Read more...]