Google’s SMS Reminder – Superfast

Here  you can Add SMS, Email & Pop- up reminders in calenders, and you can receive the reminders on Mobile for free !! Just try out.. All you need is just a Google Account. Login to google calendars at You need to activate the mobile setup by activating your phone number. This takes less than a minute. Just Give your country and mobile number. Google will send you a verification code in less than 1 or 2 minutes. Type that validation code there and you are now done with the mobile setup. :-) Now click on the “Calendars” tab in the settings page. Click on “Notification” of your new Topcoder … [Read more...]

Efficient Google FTP Search for Searching Files

Here is a new way to find files in ftp using Google search in a better way ever . Use these Search Quotes : index of ftp/ +mp3 index of ftp/ +divx index of ftp/ +”anything you want” ( pdf, 3gp, mp3, etc) For example: index of ftp/ +randomartist mp3 Improved Search: Google also has many operators that you can use to specify your search, cache: link: related: info: stocks: site: allintitle: intitle: allinurl: inurl: To use it, simply add the operator to the search quote. For example: The above search gives you all the URL's available in that site … [Read more...]

Minimize Mozilla Firefox to System Tray

Here is a small utility which will allow you to minimize Mozilla browser to your windows system tray. It also provides a right click menu for the tray icon. You can also choose from three options: 1) Always minimize to the tray instead of to the taskbar. 2) Minimize to tray on close. 3) Require a double click to restore from the tray. To get this feature enabled for Firefox, Install 'Minimize to Tray' Firefox Add-on from here. To customize this add-on, go to Tools menu of Firefox and the n click Add-ons. Now select Minimize to Tray Add-on and click options. This will open the options window. Check the options you like. Click ok and you … [Read more...]

National Do Not Call Registry – Check


You might have received numerous number of unknown calls or messages on your mobile, regardless of any operator. If you are Irritated of Receiving these SMS Ad's & Promotional Calls from Network Operator Or from banks, services, etc., you shall make those calls or SMS not reach you, just by registering yourself in the National Do not Call Registry ( NDNC ) . You can anytime check whether your mobile number is registered in NDNC or not using this NDNC Check tool from the Government website. Well, Now to confirm this, Check whether your mobile no. is in NDNC Registry or not . You can Register ( or ) Withdraw your mobile number … [Read more...]

Php Script to Send Multiple Emails

Looking for free mass mailing or bulk mailing php scripts to send multiple emails to your list at once?? This script will help you in that case. Additional recipient emails can be added to the first variable separating them by commas, not semicolons. [php] $to = “,“; [/php] A more advanced method is to put a newline separated email list into a text file, trim each entry, implode them into an array variable and use the array variable as the $to value. Steps to Send Multiple Emails: Step 1: Create a "elist.txt"  file and continue as follows ! Mail List ( elist.txt … [Read more...]