How to Change System Tray Time format to AM/PM in Windows 7


Usually, Windows 7 Operating System shows System Tray timings in 24 Hr. clock.  ie., 21:34 . If you would like to change it to AM / PM format , just follow these Simple procedures on your Windows 7. Step 1 : Go to Control Panel and select View by: Large icons . Select "Region and … [Read more...]

How to Analyze and Follow a list of Twitter users from CSV format


I have explained earlier about how to Bulk Follow/ Unfolllow people on twitter using Tweepi Recently Tweepi has introduced a new tool to analyze and follow a list of users by just pasting a list of Twitter ID's in CSV format inside a text box. The Twitter ID's can also be arranged one per line, … [Read more...]

The Atlantis Hotel, Dubai : Cheapest room at $35,000 a night

No, this is not the Alice in Wonderland ! It’s the Grand opening of Atlantis hotel in Dubai , Where the cheapest room goes around $35,000 a night ! The hotel is situated on 113 acres of the Palm Jumeirah ( a man-made island ), and has about 1539 rooms. Here are some few Snapshots of the Hotel Grand … [Read more...]

Funny Error Messages And Pop-Ups on Windows

Welcome back readers, Just a Week back i got a Forward mail from one of my friend, with some of these funny pictures.. I just really enjoyed it a lot that i wished to share it with my blog readers. So i have added few more pics to keep up with the taste. Hope you will enjoy this Funny Error Messages … [Read more...]

Readymade Contact Form with Captcha Code to Integrate with your Website

Here's a sleek ready-made contact form with captcha code for you to integrate with your website in minutes. For past few days am running out of lots of spam mails on my website, hope you are using some Plugins to remove spam comments from your Blog. But incase of Websites, to stay away from … [Read more...]