Airtel Latest GPRS Packs – Tamilnadu

Here are a list of new Airtel GPRS Packs available for Tamilnadu # Rs.98 Data Usage : up to 2GB free Validity: 30 days Post Free Usage: 30paise / 50KB # Rs.17 Data Usage : 200MB free Validity: 3 days Post Free Usage: 30paise / 50KB # Rs.10/Day Data Usage : upto 100MB/ Day Validity : 1 Day ( AUTO- RENEWAL GPRS Pack ) To Subscribe, Dial *567#. … [Read more...]

SMStweet – Indian twitter users can now post tweets via Normal SMS rates !

A simple service that allows you to post your tweets using Local sms in India. No longer depend on your web browser or a twitter client. No need to install any software on your phone or use Internet on your phone. No need to pay premium rates to your network provider. Just send an sms at normal rates to tweet your thoughts. To start using SMStweets, Register in one of the following ways, 1. Send an sms 'REGISTER <twitter username> <twitter password>' to 9220092200    ( or ) 2. Click on this link to Register Online Once you are registered with SMStweet, you shall now post your tweets by sending  your  SMS … [Read more...]

Sites to track your Twitter Stats

Here is a list of Sites which can be used to moniterize the Complete Statistics of your Twitter Accounts. # TweetBurner Another essential service to add to your Twitter toolbox. This service lets you track the links that you share on Twitter. Also acts as a URL shortener. # Grader for Twitter A tool that grades your relative reach and influence on Twitter. It also suggests a few people you should follow based on your profile. # Twitter Counter Simple to use site (just plug in your Twitter name) and get stats that span a week. Use it to chart your progress in acquiring followers. Also offer a chicklet counter that can be added to your … [Read more...]

Send a Web Page to Email – PHP Script

Do you want to send all the contents of a webpage to your mail?? With this Code, You can send the contents of a Webpage to mail. You can also set a cron job so that the particular page gets updated and is send to a particular mail which u set . [php] <? $to = ‘’; $subject = ‘A test email!’; // To send HTML mail, the Content-type header must be set $headers = ‘MIME-Version: 1.0? . “\r\n”; $headers .= ‘Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1? . “\r\n”; // fetch Remotely $message = file_get_contents(''); // Mail it mail($to, $subject, $message, … [Read more...]

Twitter Direct Message ( DM ) Bulk Deleter

“Twitter DM Deleter” can be used to delete Direct Messages or DMs (Sent or Received) from your Twitter account. Installation is not required and its Lighter & portable tool. Just Open the file, enter your Twitter username and Password to authenticate this application and a window will appear showing all your DMs  ( Sent or received whichever you select ) You can delete all or multiple  DMs with just one click.  This can save much of your time ! … [Read more...]

Top Celebrity Twitter Accounts

Here are a list of Celebrity Twitter Accounts to follow !! @ XZIBIT @ Yoko Ono @ Young Buck @ 30 Seconds To Mars @ Trent Reznor @ William Shatner @ Wyclef Jean @ Lisa Loeb @ LL Cool J @ Alyssa Milano @ Amare Stoudamire @ Amber Benson @ Amy Lee (Evanescence) @ Andy Dick @ Andy Milonakis @ Andy Murray @ Angela Yee @ Anita Cochran @ Ann Curry @ Arnold Schwarzenegger @ Ashanti @ Ashlee Simpson Wentz @ Ashley Tisdale @ Ashton Kutcher @ B Real @ Backstreet Boys @ Barack Obama @ Barbara Walters @ Ben Kweller @ Ben Lyons @ Ben Stiller @ Benji Madden @ Bethenny Frankel @ Bill Gates @ Billy Corgan @ Billy Ray … [Read more...]

New Upgraded Airtel Rs.60 Booster – 22,500 ( Local+National ) SMS

Airtel upgrades the Old 60.Rs SMS booster for both local / National SMS ( as per Feb'10 ). Here comes the Revolution in National SMS for past few months leading to the reduction in the National SMS rates, also National calls as well ! On 18th feb ' 2010, Airtel announces the following boosters upgraded with free National/Local SMS # Rs.60 Combo SMS booster National + Local SMS -  22,500 Validity - 30 Days Here are some other Call boosters upgraded with the local/National SMS # Rs.123 Booster Normal 123 Booster + 12,000 ( National + Local ) SMS free # Rs.195 Booster Normal 195 Booster + 10,000 ( National + Local … [Read more...]

Facebook Statistics

Company Figures Here are some Cool, Real Time Statistics of Facebook ( * More than 400 million active users * 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day * More than 35 million users update their status each day * More than 60 million status updates posted each day * More than 3 billion photos uploaded to the site each month * More than 5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each week * More than 3.5 million events created each month * More than 3 million active Pages on Facebook * More than 1.5 million local businesses have active Pages on … [Read more...]

Trace an email easily !

Here are few simple steps involved in retrieving the details of location from where an E Mail has been sent. To know the details in Gmail 1. Login to your GMail account. 2. Open the mail, which you want to trace . 3. In the right corner you can see Reply and an Arrow - Drop down list. 4. In that arrow list, Click on Show original. 5. Search for "Received from". Search it with Browser Search (CTRL+F). 6. To find who has sent this message originally to you, you'll have to search for the last "Received" phrase. 7. It will show the Computer Name and IP address. 8. To track the IP address: Use Geobyte IP Locator … [Read more...]

Bill Gates joined Twitter

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and the world’s richest man, has jointed Twitter on 20th January' 2010. You shall follow Bill gates at @BillGates. Verified twitter Account : It is officially a verified account and is confirmed by Caroline Mizumoto. He is rapidly growing in followers count ( it took a few minutes for him to increase from 500 to 5000 followers ) He just Got 1,00,000 followers in just 8 Hours of duration. Bill Gates Rockz forever and ever :) … [Read more...]

Types of hosting services

Depending on the type of resources offered by an Internet server, there are various kinds of hosting services, the most popular and widely used of them are as follows, Web Hosting: Web hosting is the mostly used hosting service. It allows you put your Offline files on the internet so that you can access those pages online. The website itself is being hosted on a web server, is most often located in a specialized data center. The web server offers uninterrupted Internet connectivity, a certain set of software packages offering you additional services such as e-mail, ftp, databases, as well as an environment for utilizing different kinds of … [Read more...]

Useful Server-Side Tutorials & Resources

Here is a list of really a userul Tutorial sites for Server/Client-Side Scripting. PHP, ASP, Javascript, etc. Do check out all of them, they will help you to fix any bug or will surely help you to create a great application. Enjoy :) PHP : (PHP, C++, ASP, JS, PERL) (PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, Perl, ASP) (PHP, Perl, ASP, CGI, JS, HTML), mySQL) (PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, mySQl, Perl, DHTML, JS) (PHP, CGI, Perl) (PHP & … [Read more...]

Ensure Canonical URL for better Search Engine Ranking

An important thing in blog SEO is we must ensure canonical url for your blog. The reason is search engines treat,, as different sites.. Lets see what are the affects if you don’t ensure a single url for your blog? Drop in Search Engine Rank: Search engine will choose the best url to rank your site. So this will affect your search engine rank. Duplicate Content: Search engine will pick up some content in your blog and put down the similar content or same content and is considered as duplicate content by search engine. Check your site for this issue, your site should … [Read more...]

Google’s SMS Reminder – Superfast

Here  you can Add SMS, Email & Pop- up reminders in calenders, and you can receive the reminders on Mobile for free !! Just try out.. All you need is just a Google Account. Login to google calendars at You need to activate the mobile setup by activating your phone number. This takes less than a minute. Just Give your country and mobile number. Google will send you a verification code in less than 1 or 2 minutes. Type that validation code there and you are now done with the mobile setup. :-) Now click on the “Calendars” tab in the settings page. Click on “Notification” of your new Topcoder … [Read more...]

Efficient Google FTP Search for Searching Files

Here is a new way to find files in ftp using Google search in a better way ever . Use these Search Quotes : index of ftp/ +mp3 index of ftp/ +divx index of ftp/ +”anything you want” ( pdf, 3gp, mp3, etc) For example: index of ftp/ +randomartist mp3 Improved Search: Google also has many operators that you can use to specify your search, cache: link: related: info: stocks: site: allintitle: intitle: allinurl: inurl: To use it, simply add the operator to the search quote. For example: The above search gives you all the URL's available in that site … [Read more...]

Minimize Mozilla Firefox to System Tray

Here is a small utility which will allow you to minimize Mozilla browser to your windows system tray. It also provides a right click menu for the tray icon. You can also choose from three options: 1) Always minimize to the tray instead of to the taskbar. 2) Minimize to tray on close. 3) Require a double click to restore from the tray. To get this feature enabled for Firefox, Install 'Minimize to Tray' Firefox Add-on from here. To customize this add-on, go to Tools menu of Firefox and the n click Add-ons. Now select Minimize to Tray Add-on and click options. This will open the options window. Check the options you like. Click ok and you … [Read more...]

National Do Not Call Registry – Check


You might have received numerous number of unknown calls or messages on your mobile, regardless of any operator. If you are Irritated of Receiving these SMS Ad's & Promotional Calls from Network Operator Or from banks, services, etc., you shall make those calls or SMS not reach you, just by registering yourself in the National Do not Call Registry ( NDNC ) . You can anytime check whether your mobile number is registered in NDNC or not using this NDNC Check tool from the Government website. Well, Now to confirm this, Check whether your mobile no. is in NDNC Registry or not . You can Register ( or ) Withdraw your mobile number … [Read more...]

Php Script to Send Multiple Emails

Looking for free mass mailing or bulk mailing php scripts to send multiple emails to your list at once?? This script will help you in that case. Additional recipient emails can be added to the first variable separating them by commas, not semicolons. [php] $to = “,“; [/php] A more advanced method is to put a newline separated email list into a text file, trim each entry, implode them into an array variable and use the array variable as the $to value. Steps to Send Multiple Emails: Step 1: Create a "elist.txt"  file and continue as follows ! Mail List ( elist.txt … [Read more...]