A Guide to a Decent Computer SetUp

For some of us, the standard computer is more than enough. If you want to make sure that your computer works just the way you want it to, or simply performs at its very best, there are a few more things you can implement.

Decent Computer Setup

This isn’t related to components, cards and drives either. Whilst this is certainly the most reliable way to enhance your computer experience, it is rather technical and arguably not for everyone. Yet, for those who just want a more reliable or ‘safe’ computer experience, the options presented below could potentially help.


Most programs, games and other software arguably use the internet now. More than just browsing, a good internet connection is important. The fastest available connections are usually from fibre optic broadband, so this is your best bet. Keep in mind that even the fastest computer is pointless if you’re connection is slow.


Whether you have a lot of work to do, or are just a media junkie, you should also look for a decent hard drive. Space is crucial. If you already own your computer, you should invest in external hard drives for additional storage when you need it.


Speaking of hard drives, don’t underestimate the value of an external hard drive as a back-up device. If you have work or other important files, keeping a second copy away from the main computer is valuable. Accidents and viruses can occur, and you want a safe, uninfected copy wherever possible.


  1. says

    I agree, space really is crucial. I learned this the hard way when I was being cheap, bought a desktop with a measly memory only to pay more for the extra space.

  2. says

    Thanks for the words dude,
    i hardly find time these days so its not updated often.
    But i have some plans to start posting soon. so keep checking and you’ll find some awesome articles soon :)

  3. Ethan Salon says

    I agree. space is really crucial. more space is taken speen of system gets down gradually…

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