FLAT 50% OFF on Mobile Recharge from Ding*


Here's a quick Topup offer from Ding, a pretty new Mobile recharge platform which provides some awesome offers to go viral. Their website says.. Use Ding* to let your friends & family know you're thinking of them. Top-up their mobile phone instantly. With this offer, you get FLAT 50% on Mobile TOPUP's made on Ding* App Well, lets get into the point, follow the steps as below, Download ding* app from IOS store or Android Play store. Install & signup using your email ID. Verify your email. Login to the Mobile App, check for "Enter promo code" option and enter DINGAPP That's it, Now enter your mobile number to recharge … [Read more...]

A8 Chip And M8 Motion Coprocessor in iPhone 6


We know that with every new iPhone release we see huge performance upgrade in terms of processor speed & capacity and the same happens with iPhone 6 as well. The all-new A8 chip is the fastest in the iPhone's Yet. Its CPU and graphics performance are faster than on the A7 chip (Which is already fast enough), even while powering a larger display with incredibly new features. Apple says that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus has been designed to be so power e?cient and the A8 chip can sustain higher performance - so you can now play high graphics-intensive games or enjoy 1080 HD videos at higher frame rates seamlessly for longer than ever. Also … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus Battery Life and Performance


Battery life is very important for iPhone users and infact there were lots of surveys we’ve seen showing that iPhone fans wanted a stronger battery in the iPhone 6 even more than they wanted a bigger display. iPhone 6 is designed to be incredibly efficient. So you can spend your day taking advantage of all its new features and apps while getting better battery life. The New iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus both offer improved battery life comparing to iPhone 5S. Due to the larger size of iPhone 6 Plus, it is able to accommodate a larger battery which in turn provide more battery power than iPhone 6, however, the capacities of both the batteries … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Design & Display


The iPhone 6’s overall shape is a lot more organic and softer with rounder edges and its now lot more comfortable in the hands than the straight, sharp edges of the iPhone 5s. The curvy design on edge is more like the iPad Air. iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus dwarf previous iPhone models, at the same time, the two phones are the Apple's thinnest yet, measuring in at 6.9 and 7.1mm thick, respectively comparing to 7.6mm thick in iPhone 5s. According to Apple, the thinner iPhone was possible by making the display thinner which is made of slightly curved glass on edges, designed to flow seamlessly into the body of the device to highlight the … [Read more...]

A PDF Reader is all You Need


When I think of reading, I strangely think of the Madeleine cake: what a texture, what a unique flavor of the poetry of living! Not only that the little Madeleine cakes go well with reading, but Marcel Proust made them worldwide famous among the voracious readers: “[...] one of those squat, plump little cakes called "petites madeleines," which look as though they had been molded in the fluted valve of a scallop shell." And he goes on describing his experience: And soon, mechanically, dispirited after a dreary day with the prospect of a depressing morrow, I raised to my lips a spoonful of the tea in which I had soaked a morsel of the cake. … [Read more...]

Introducing iPhone 6 by ConceptsiPhone


Super excited to see iPhone 6 Features before its out in the market? Here are some of the new renders of Apple iPhone 6 concept, Say hello to the upcoming iPhone 6. The concept shows amazing iPhone 6 design with Edge to Edge 4.6 inch Retina display, completely new design, with 12 megapixels iSight camera, recording video in 2K, new touch Home Button with Fingerprint sensor included, and more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8YoNhRxQHc The next generation iPhone need to be innovative and the main part is the screen! new amazing concept shows the next generation of the iPhone device, the iPhone 6 with dual screens as … [Read more...]

Unlimited Data Card Plans from Reliance


Reliance data card unlimited plans in Chennai is one of the best internet connectivity plans. Reliance gives unparallel connectivity at any place throughout the day. Whether one is at office or coffee shop, Reliance data card offers high speed internet connectivity through Chennai City. The data card can also be used at home with equal effectiveness. Reliance data card has 3G connectivity which means more than 3mbps speed whenever one accesses the internet. Features of Reliance data card: Reliance Data card assures internet access anytime and at anyplace in India. Reliance service is available in over 24,000 towns, 6 lacks villages, … [Read more...]

Reliance Data Card Prepaid Plans in Chennai


Reliance data card prepaid plans in Chennai is all about the special offer that reliance has for its Chennai customers. There are some special plans introduced for customers in Chennai which is one of the strongest location in the Indian map as per as the business opportunities are concerned. Reliance data card in Chennai and to reward the customers it has introduced something special. Special offer from reliance data card: The data card from various companies offer convenience to the users in terms of anywhere connectivity and great usage offers. However, the price of data card is quite high, and this initial cost is a matter of concern … [Read more...]

Reliance Netconnect+ Prepaid Tariff Plans in Chennai


Reliance is one of the most popular telecom and broadband companies not only in India but in the world, and with its reliance Netconnect prepaid tariff plans in Chennai it has gone closer to the general population of the country. The company has network connectivity across 24000 towns and more than 6 lacs villages. Its connectivity is supreme in railways and highways where many networks fail to deliver. You can use your reliance Netconnect data card on the go and would be paying according to your requirement. Comparison Between Reliance Netconnect Prepaid And Postpaid Reliance Netconnect has both post paid and prepaid data cards available … [Read more...]

Reliance 3g Data Plan Online Recharge


Reliance 3g data plan online recharge is something that has been in discussion for a long time. Reliance 3g is one of the fastest growing data card in India and more than millions of people are using this for their regular connectivity requirement. The service has brought convenience in life of many with super fast internet connection, easy upload and download and wireless connectivity that allows people to stay connected, even on the go. With numerous data plans offered through reliance 3g, it is possible to enjoy internet connectivity at the lowest cost. However, many don’t have an idea regarding online recharge which takes away the … [Read more...]

Reliance Wireless Broadband in Chennai for Better Connectivity


There are many internet and telecom service providers which provide Reliance wireless internet broadband Chennai. Chennai being one of the four metropolitan cities of India, the city has a well connected internet service. Reliance Communications offer unlimited wireless internet options to their customers. Reliance Netconnect+ is the wireless broadband service offered by the company. Features of Reliance wireless internet broadband The broadband service is used in laptop and desktop. The wireless broadband service allows for portability of laptops. There is a plug- device for the internet service to operate. The device can be easily plugged … [Read more...]

Reliance 3g Data Card Plans in Chennai

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 1.48.27 am

Reliance 3g data card plans in Chennai has gained popularity with the inception of 3G technology that is faster, smoother and break free. Communication plays a key role in the functioning of a society. With the invention of technologies such as mobile phone, computers and internet, it became even more easy and convenient for people to communicate with each other. The latest trend to hit the sector is 3G connection. 3G data cards allow a person to access the internet wirelessly through the 3G network provided by a cellular network provider. Importance of Data Cards During the last decade, the concept of data cards was introduced in the … [Read more...]

Android OS Special Features Over other Mobile Operating Systems


When it comes to the mobile world, the option of operating systems is plenty; there is iOS, there is Windows, Black Berry, Symbian, Android and the list goes on, but amongst all these there is something special about the Android OS; it is the only open source operating system available in the market. Though all of these Operating Systems stand somewhere close to each other and often take a bite into the market of the other, but there are some unique features in the Android OS. This article will discuss the special Android OS features which make it stand apart in the crowd. Also Read: Why Should you Prefer an Android over iPhone? The … [Read more...]

iPad Stylus for Writing and Note Taking Quickly


iPad stylus is a small accessory that can improve the usability of tablets to a great extent; iPad stylus for writing or note taking can be easily used with sophisticated tablets to achieve a better usability. The touch screen of the iPad or other tablets makes one of the most prominent topographies that aids in its simplicity to use. The touch screen of the device can be well used with simple touch of fingers, but if you are really looking forward to use the tablet creatively or for note taking, you need to own an iPad stylus. With an advanced iPad stylus writing and note taking on any tablet can be a lot easier. These tiny devices often … [Read more...]

iPhone Ear Speaker Low Volume Quick FIX


I have my iPhone 4S and its been 2 yrs old now and since past few weeks i felt that my iPhone ear speaker volume is too low compared to my friend's. It was so bad that i need to put it close to my ear or turn on loudspeaker or use handsfree to attend the calls which are all irritating and is not worth it when we use apple products. Month by month i see that the call volume is getting reduced really much that i feel my ear pains when i put it so hard against my ear to hear to the nearly muted very low volume. So i had finally decided to give my iPhone 4S to service to look into the issue. Just before i planned to give it for service, i did had … [Read more...]

Complete Android OS Version History Till Date


Android, one of the latest and “quickly becoming popular” Operating System has a history that can be traced back to the end of the year 2007; the complete android OS history gives a thorough inside about the development and up-gradation stages of the Operating System which has currently yielded the latest version of Android, Android 4.4 code named KitKat. According to the reports published by Google on September 3rd, 2013, the open source OS android now runs in over 1 billion activated devices throughout the world, and even a steeper growth is expected in the coming years. Here we will go through the complete android version history to get an … [Read more...]

Apple’s New iPhone 6 Features List – Expected


With the reports of release of the new iPhone, iPhone 6 by the 2nd quarter of the year, for every tech savvy taking a guess about the new iPhone 6 features is quite natural. We've recently written about apple's move to implement third party keywords on iPhone from its latest iOS8. However, till now there have been no official announcements from the part of Apple about the new features and improvements in iPhone 6, but the tech world is already buzzing with speculations. Here is a piece on some of the most expected latest features of the Apple’s new iPhone 6: Also Read: iPhone 4S Features & Specifications Bigger Screen Sizes: iPhone 6 … [Read more...]

Top 10 HTML5 Templates for your Real Estate Website


With real estate becoming one of the most flourishing fields of career, more and more realtors are helping people sell and purchase property in the form of bungalows, floors, flats, villas etc. If you too belong to the former group of real estate agents then a perfectly designed HTML website is probably the best tool for reaching out to maximum people who're on a look out for land and buildings. If you own a PSD site, you may even Choose Convert PSD to HTML5 for a brand new look and feel. I understand that in order to build a brilliant HTML5 based real estate website, you'll be required to do some serious research in terms of HTML5 Templates. … [Read more...]