How Technology is Changing Real Estate Industry?


The real estate business for a long time has been the domain of businessmen and human interaction. For a long time since the demand for properties became popular, the involvement of technology on the consumer side of things was minimal. People invariably wanted to view the properties themselves and make payments directly to the builder. The home loans and other requirements also were accessed directly. The technology was not a popular way to deal in the property businesses. However over a period of two and half decades, all that has changed. There are a number of ways in which the property business has benefitted from technology. In fact when … [Read more...]

How To Capture Screenshots In Sony Xperia


Well if you are a new owner of Sony Xperia, you must be highly enthusiastic to learn all its tricks and in this article we will tell you How To Capture Screenshots in it. Sony Xperia is a high end Android based smart device with some excellent and unique features. It can complete a many tasks without much hassle when used in the right way. We all are quite familiar with the use of screenshots from the PC days. Now, the problem in capturing a screenshot on your mobile device is that it does not hold a dedicated key for “Print Screen” like the laptops and desktops. However, taking a screenshot of your mobile can be no doubt important and useful … [Read more...]

World’s First Mobile Phone with Camera


World’s first mobile phone with camera has been recognized to be the J-SH04 manufactured by Sharp Corporation and launched by J-Phone of SoftBank Mobile. A mobile phone with camera captures photographs and might also record videos. J-SH04 was the first mobile phone with camera in the world that was sold in Japan in November 2000. This J-Phone model was released a little more than 10 years after the first ever digital camera was sold in December 1989 in Japan. Arguments with World's First Mobile Phone: However, it is often argued that the world’s first mobile phone with camera was the SCH-V200 which was made by Samsung and launched in South … [Read more...]

Top 10 IT Companies in the World 2015


Top IT Companies in the world affect most of the businesses to business sectors as the Information Technology or IT Sector is the one that gets every process streamlined and automated. It does not drive its own growth, but it helps other sectors grow. As computing has reached a different level with the advent of smartphones, the IT companies are presently working on mobility, computing, and applications for B2B and B2C sectors. The list of top 10 IT companies in the world has companies such as Adobe, VMware, CSC at the bottom as companies like Capgemini and Cognizant constitute the middle order. Top ranks are taken by the tech giants such … [Read more...]

Purchasing iTunes Gift Card Codes Online


iTunes is definitely the most happening site where one can easily download music videos, songs, films, audio books and lots more. Purchasing iTunes gift card codes is easy as there are lots of sites to access on the internet. The magic of world’s best digital entertainment is available through accessing the iTunes Store using a computer, iPod, iPhone or iPad. Purchasing iTunes Gift Card Codes Online To Purchase iTunes gift card codes is easy, but one must make sure that the site visited is a reputed or reliable one. After obtaining the codes, you can redeem it to download music, videos, games and other apps from the iTunes Store. To redeem, … [Read more...]

Buying US iTunes Gift Card online


Are you interested in buying US itunes gift card online to redeem on your store to purchase music and more ? If you are hunting for such cards, you need not worry as there are plenty of options available on the internet. The major advantage of using such US gift cards is that they do not have an expiry date. There is no deadline and you can use the card whenever you want to download a lot of music files, videos, movies, games, and even themes. You can choose from a wide array of collections that range from classical music to latest hit songs. You need to first find the genuine site, become a member and then start downloading songs according … [Read more...]

Why can’t Passbook connect to the iTunes Store on iOS 6?


The iOS 6 introduces a new App called Passbook which is a built-in app created to serve as a unique repository for tickets, gift cards, coupons or vouchers supplied by third party app stores. However this technology is dogged by bug problems. Owing to this there is a problem faced by users wherein Passbook can’t connect to iTunes Store. Passbook keeps track of time and place and therefore is able to put whatever card is needed at the right time on your screen whenever it is needed. In order to use a pass, it has to be tapped on the screen, so that it will come out of the assigned slot and occupy the screen space. Passbook has attractive … [Read more...]

How to Load a Gift Card on iTunes


ITunes gift card can be considered as a great gifting option this festive season when people are looking for unique gifts for friends and family and loading a gift card is as easy as well. The gift cards are available in different denominations and you can purchase any song, app or game through this card. Precisely, you can purchase anything available on iTunes with the gift card. However, one gift card is only usable under one account. You cannot prorate the amount in different account and use it, but you can use the gift card from different devices with the same ID. Loading a gift card on iTunes: The iTunes gift card can be redeemed in … [Read more...]

Smart Savings on Swipe Konnect ME 8GB Smart Phone


All-new Swipe Konnect Me smartphone encapsulated with all the latest features and an extremely stylish design and outstanding performance takes your multimedia experience a notch higher. The image and video quality is fine on the bright IPS display. The Swipe smart phone equipped with latest processor and a highly advanced operating system enables for a smooth operations on multitasking. Go social round the clock as you play games online, take colorful pictures, go browsing with extraordinary speed etc. Additionally make the difference from your personal and work life with the dual SIM support with 3G feature. Added to this is the battery … [Read more...]

Honor Your Life with Huawei Honor Bee


There are so many phone models emerging in the market now-a-days that you are literally spoilt for choice. With a phone for every budget, you no longer have to skip on your outings and save money for buying a smartphone equipped with good technology. One such phone where you need not compromise on your budget and quality is Huawei Honor Bee which got launched just two months back. If you want to buy a phone for under Rs.5,000; you must have a look at this phone which houses state of the art technology. Design and Display: The Huawei Honor Bee has a 4.5 inch display making it ideal for those who don’t like big phones and like their phones … [Read more...]

How to Buy Apps and Make In-App Purchases with iTunes Gift Card?


Everyone is talking about buying apps with iTunes gift cards, off late. It is a favorite Christmas gift this season and it gives liberty to the people to choose the games that they like or download songs. The gift cards are available in a lot of denomination and they are convenient to buy and use. You can purchase the gift card from the apple store and gift the iTunes card to someone who has an Apple Id. An iTunes gift card can be used to purchase any and everything on the iTunes store. You can purchase music, apps, games, videos, and many more with a single card, till the balance lasts. The cards can be bought with real cash and it actually … [Read more...]

iTunes Gift Card Balance Inquiry


iTunes gift card balance cannot be checked by calling-in option. The only method to verify balance is by checking on iTunes. The latest version of iTunes can be downloaded from the Apple website. iTunes is a storehouse of the world’s best digital entertainment and contains content such as the most recent music, books, apps, videos and TV shows for your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. iTunes Gift Card Balance Inquiry After downloading iTunes from the Apple home page, open iTunes and click on the iTunes Store. Select redeem option and enter the needed account information. After verifying the account information, you will be instructed to enter … [Read more...]

Tips on How to Use an iTunes Gift Card


Tips to use an iTunes gift card involve certain easy steps which are explained below. iTunes gift cards are very popular and versatile gifts which can be given to young and old alike for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation or even holidays. iTunes is definitely one of the most happening sites, where one can easily download music videos or songs, films, audio books and lots more. Purchasing iTunes gift cards is easy as there are lots of sites to access on the internet that provides iTunes gift cards for sale. The magic of world’s best digital entertainment is experienced by accessing the iTunes Store using a computer, iPod, … [Read more...]

Where to Buy iTunes gift card in Singapore?

Bags for purchases on a white background.

To buy iTunes gift card the basic requirement is the possession of an iTunes account. After opening an iTunes account, the iTunes store can be browsed to redeem your gift card code and to view your account balance. The next step unfolds the world’s top digital entertainment store for you to download the latest Apps for free or for a prescribed fee using the amount that you possess in your gift card or you can pay using credit card. Where to buy iTunes money in Singapore? To buy iTunes gift card in Singapore was not possible till the opening of the Singapore Store. The Singapore Store was inaugurated along with the launch of iPhone recently … [Read more...]

OnePlus 2 vs ASUS ZenFone 2: Best Flagship Android Phones Comparison


At this year’s CES, the Taiwanese smartphone maker ASUS attempted to reach the Zen state with the launch of the world’s first phone, the ZenFone 2, to boast 4GB of RAM. Ever since, the company has launched several variants of the ZenFone 2, and most of which are already up for grabs on the vendor’s online sales partner Flipkart in India. Now another much-anticipated flagship offering, the OnePlus 2 is expected to reach Indian shores. China-based manufacturer OnePlus is all set to unveil its second smartphone, the OnePlus Two on July 27th. If you are one of the eagerly waiting OnePlus fans and can’t decide to choose from the ASUS ZenFone 2 … [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons Startups Fail

There are 100's of startups getting started every month with all the enthusiasm and passion to do good for the people. But how many lasts till the End? They say, Great fortunes don’t always last. Almost half of the startups fail in 3 years or less. That being said, there must be some set of common reasons behind these failures. Check out the infographic below for top 10 reasons why startups fail over time. Infographic brought to you by Wrike - Group Collaboration Online … [Read more...]

Promoting Small Business Through Facebook


Ignoring Facebook can be the biggest mistake which small and start-up companies make. It is not surprising that most of the consumers are hooked online for searching local business, and Facebook is the common place. It is indeed one of the largest social media platforms in the world and has around billions of active users. Interestingly, this social networking giant is coming up with innovative features for helping users in searching for small business and assists the small businesses in connecting with some of the best and potential customers. Just imagine how much benefit a good Facebook presence can do. It can simply assist firms to … [Read more...]

Yuphoria – Newest Member in Micromax YU Series


Micromax is going to launch a new smart phone in YU series ‘Yuphoria’ after the overwhelming success of ‘Yureka’. The smart phone will be available for sale on 28th May, 2015 but registrations are open on Amazon India exclusively. Micromax one of the leading handset makers in India is back with a new smart phone with features meeting the expectations of Indian consumers. Let’s have a look at the features and compare it with few competitors available in market with similar features and same price range. Presenting the impressive looks it is available with buffed steel and black color combination. The two small bands on upper and lower edges … [Read more...]

Apple iPad Mini – Quick Review


This is my first apple product gifted by my brother, bought from an Apple store in California and it is the Apple iPad Mini. While I was filled up with a sophisticated Sony Vaio Flip Laptop and a smartphone, initially I dint have the urge of having this iPad or getting excited about it. So it was always my mom using it for games or browsing and such. But then its compatibility and addiction she had for this iPad eventually pulled me towards it. Choosing a best gadget among the tons of choices we have front of us is always a tough job. Keeping that in mind my brother had chosen the best with the correct range of specification, performance, … [Read more...]