Samsung Galaxy S6 speculated features


People are yet to get over Galaxy 4 and the company made announcement about its next launch Galaxy 5. On the other hand, when people are anxiously waiting to try their hands on Galaxy 5, the web is filled with speculations and rumors about the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 which is said to be launched in late 2014 or early 2015. Samsung Galaxy Series has been a great year and in demand and people are simply loving it’s easy to use functionalities and user-friendly interface. Some Speculated features of S6 Undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy S6 is considering integrating outstanding features and state-of-the art technology to match with the … [Read more...]

5 Quick Answers to Mobile Security Questions


I bet almost everyone nowadays can not imagine their life without a cell phone. Modern devices do everything we need, or almost everything: calls, texts, web browsing, games, video conferencing. You name it. But have you ever thought how secure is your phone data and what could you do to keep it private? Here are answers to the most common security questions. How can I know if an app is safe? While the largest number of mobile developers make safe and convenient apps, there are others who specialise in rogue apps. If the term doesn’t sound familiar to you rogue apps are software capable of collecting data that can include your private … [Read more...]

Galaxy Note 4 – Specifications & Upcoming Features


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was first unveiled in the last year’s December and it’s been one of the most powerful smartphones currently empowering Samsung to have large consumer response. Samsung isn’t sitting idle either but handling the unveiling process of Galaxy S5. Currently, they’ve got huge response for their Galaxy S5 but their Galaxy S series flagship has disappointed many consumers who were looking for technology-leaping specs in the flagship. But, wait, Samsung hasn’t finished for this year. They have two more quarters to show their smartphones. Now, we’re pretty sure that Samsung will unveil another flagship from the Note … [Read more...]

Why is Klout Score Very Important for Businesses?


Klout score importance is relevant to those who want to know the magnitude of influence they have “online”. We post, we tweet, we share, we like and we comment, but seldom do we know how much influence we really have within our virtual networks! If you are a social media user (among the 400 plus million users) with a Klout score, you have a definite idea about how influential you are in the world of social media. Thus, Klout score importance is meaningful to you only if you are a social media user interested about knowing your “online” worth. What is Klout? Klout, founded in 2009, is a San Francisco-based company that assesses online … [Read more...]

How to Edit a PDF File (or) Document?


PDF is one of the most common formats used for documents; PDF offers a lot of security, which is no doubt a great advantage for important files; however, due to the same strict security reasons editing a pdf file might not be as simple as editing a .doc file. The process to edit pdf document is a bit tricky but not tough. Here are some of the best means to perform the task in a hassle-free way. Use PDF Editing Software: Softwares are everywhere and you can simply download a PDF editing program from reliable online repositories to perform the editing. Once you have downloaded the program, the editor should give you an option to open your … [Read more...]

Android Tablets Vs iPad – Comparison of Extremes


There are so many hi-tech tablets in the market that it can be really confusing for any consumer to pick the right one from the lot and comparing android tablet vs. iPad can be the major task at hand before taking the final call. iPad is a line of tablet devices designed and marketed by Apple Inc., which also runs the iOS from the house of Apple; on the other hand, Android is an open source operating system launched by the web giant Google and more or less all the renowned and lesser renowned electronics companies have launched their tablets that run Android. The selection process undertaken by the consumer to pick the best tablet in the … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Facebook Account Verified


By the mid of 2013, Facebook, the major social networking site, with more than 1,310,000,000 users on board, introduced a new feature to their paradigm, the Facebook verified accounts; and this article discusses the topic of how to verify Facebook account. This feature was already available in Twitter and according to some veterans of the industry, may be Facebook was even late to incorporate this necessary update into their structure. A Facebook Verified Account ensures that the page is authentic and belongs to the same person, brand or company it claims to represent. These pages are selected by Facebook authorities depending on the number … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Have an Apple iPhone


One of the principal reasons to have an iPhone is that it is the most advanced smartphone available today. The Apple iPhone5 was launched in 2013 enabling us to purchase a Smartphone at a lucrative, though variable, price. The advanced iPhone features of the newest Apple model make it worth a buy. 5 Reasons to Have an iPhone5 are: The Apple iPhone is one of the thinnest smartphone available today. Most Reliable phone that can be used for minimum of 2-3 yrs without any major service cost with upto date OS. Neither too big, nor too small, fits perfectly in hand & in pocket. It has 4” 16M-color LED-backlit IPS TFT capacitive … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why Should You Buy a MAC


While so many computers with different configuration available in the market, people are still spending money to buy Mac and that gives rise to an obvious question, why buy Mac. Those who have been waiting eagerly to get away from Microsoft and Windows for quite some time now could not be happier after buying a Mac as there are plenty of reasons for the same. 10 Reasons to Prefer Mac Over Windows PC: A Mac is an extremely fast machine. The machine takes 5 seconds to load the desktop with each and everything running smoothly. The processor that works together with the RAM on a Mac is nothing short of impressive. No Windows computer has … [Read more...]

Why Should you Prefer an Android over iPhone?


The two platforms that are ruling the market of smartphone is Android and iOS and with many preferring to buy an Android to the iPhone, the most relevant question that arises is why Android. Well, people have different opinion about Android and iPhone and you will find many people buying iPhone even when most have to choose the other way. If I require giving you some solid reasons I will mention the following and at the end of it you may be convinced to buy an Android phone. Open Source Platform: The iOS interface is restricted by apple to such an extent that you cannot play a file format that is not supported by iTunes. At the same time … [Read more...]

7 Best Android Tablet Games for Maximum Entertainment


Getting your hands on your new android tablet is no doubt exciting and the best way to make it even more exciting is to install the best android tablet games in your device. There is a plethora of android games available in the market; some cost a bit, while some are absolutely free; but your device’s memory space is not free and you need to make a choice to pick only the best ones from the available android tablet games. Here is a guide to help you pick the best ones from the lot, which excludes most famous games like temple run, Asphalt, as everyone should have had hands on them already :D Dead Trigger 2: It is a zombie shooter … [Read more...]

Android vs iOS – A Quick Comparison


For any consumer looking forward to own a mobile or tablet, android iOS comparison might be one of the most crucial things to consider. iOS the operating system launched by the tech giant Apple, with all its glory and success story is sure to catch your eyes, but then there is this new hero, Android from the web giant Google, which has already started to overpower the tablet market; so deciding between these two might really need some research at the part of the consumer. Here is a short study on android vs iOS which can be helpful for the consumers to make their choice. The Basic Difference between the Two Platforms First of all, if you … [Read more...]

How to Verify Your Twitter Account


Twitter is one of the most prominent social networking website and it is important to verify twitter account to be legitimate on the platform. Twitter is the most powerful micro blogging website that people follow in their day to day lives and companies also use this platform to post news, new offers and more on the social networking website. Celebrities and actors can be accessed directly through Twitter account and to ascertain the fact you need to get verified. . Why do you Need a Verified Account? The fact that there are so many fake accounts on Twitter makes it essential to have a verified account if you fit the bill of key … [Read more...]

Why Should You Buy an Apple iPad Air?


With so many tablets and versions of iPhone available in the market you may ask why you should buy iPad or iPad Air (latest) for your personal use. Why to buy an iPad is a common question that is asked by so many people who are curious about the features of the product or confused with four major versions of iPads available in the market. iPad air, iPad mini first generation, iPad mini with retina display and iPad 2 are ruling the market for the time being and each has different combination of features that can leave you puzzled. While looking for reasons to buy an iPad, there are several reasons that can motivate you, as below, iPad Can … [Read more...]

Best Android Tablet Business Apps


Android, as a platform, encapsulates all the capabilities to hold and carry on business processes seamlessly and installing the best android tablet apps in your tablet can surely add to its usefulness.  Due to the open structure of the Operating System, the options of android tablet apps are many, which make the selection process, not simple but much more complicated. So, here is a guide on the ‘must have’ business centric android tablet apps for all the business people out there. Dropbox: When it comes to the cloud storage facilities, this free app can beat most of the competitors available in the market. Dropbox is supported across many … [Read more...]

Why iPod Battery Dies Quickly?

iPod Battery Dies Quickly

If you are an iPod user, you may be telling that your iPod battery dies quickly. If so, do not think that you are an unlucky iPod user. This is because you are not the only person on this earth who suffers due to the iPod battery problem. As it is for you, for millions of iPod users, this annoying problem has always created hassles when they enjoy their music with their iPods. Even though critics appreciated much on the stylish look of the iPod and the stupendous features it offers, only on consistent usage they may come to know that an iPod battery needs a tweak. However, the question is that, why iPod battery dies so fast. Well! The answer … [Read more...]

Daily Must-Do Activities For Bloggers And Marketers.


Online world is a place where everyone who wishes to survive, must keep doing something or the other in order to remain in the race. It gets even more important for the simple reason that gone are the days when people turned to a radio or a newspaper to know what is going on around them; instead search engines do this job now. There is very little chance of your business reaping handsome dividends without being online. While being online is the first step, next you need to do is create a blog that keeps attracting visitors to your site. Having done both these activities, you need to continuously do a set of certain daily activities to keep … [Read more...]

Brilliant Directories and its Features


Brilliant Directories remains the world's leading online directory software. Easy to use, SEO-Friendly, and includes every feature you need to manage an online directory, keep in touch with members, grow your directory and generate recurring revenue. Directory Software - Brilliant Directories remains the easiest and most complete directory software in the world. Everything you need to launch and use your directory is built into the robust directory software. Claim Listings Populate your site with imported listings to help your directory shine from day one. Encourage businesses to join your directory and pay to update their company's … [Read more...]

On-Page SEO Tips for an eCommerce Website


Since an eCommerce website is packed with many categories and products it's not an easy thing to promote it unless we optimize the website 100%. If an eCommerce website contains more than 500 pages then an internet marketing person has to use unique contents for all that 500 pages to escape from the search engine penalty. In order to promote any eCommerce website, the first thing which an internet marketing person must start is from On-Page optimization. Let's look below what kind of On-Page factors one has to consider in promoting an eCommerce website. Keyword Research: The keyword is vital for promoting any kind of website. The wrong … [Read more...]

20 SEO Tips for Web Designers


If you are a web designer, it is your job to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is because your business and your profession are under threat. In a world where the Internet has started to draw more disposable income than any other non-essential goods and services, your job is still at risk. People may make their own websites with content management system, and we may sneer at how they do not look as good, but they look better than paying a web designer. That is why you also need to know about SEO to be sure you have an edge over those who do not. 1 - Use the no-follow tag If you have content such as duplicate content that … [Read more...]