Android vs iOS – A Quick Comparison

For any consumer looking forward to own a mobile or tablet, android iOS comparison might be one of the most crucial things to consider. iOS the operating system launched by the tech giant Apple, with all its glory and success story is sure to catch your eyes, but then there is this new hero, Android from the web giant Google, which has already started to overpower the tablet market; so deciding between these two might really need some research at the part of the consumer. Here is a short study on android vs iOS which can be helpful for the consumers to make their choice.

The Basic Difference between the Two Platforms

Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS – A Quick Comparison about both platforms

First of all, if you go by their quality, looks, features, and capabilities, both are excellent. They both stand as landmarks in the history of technology. These operating systems though follow different structures and formats, both are extremely user friendly and highly powerful to assist their users in all the best ways. One of the basic differences between iOS and Android is that, if you are interested to use iOS, you have to buy an iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or any other gadget from the house of Apple Inc., as the mother company holds the sole right for the OS. Whereas, for Android, the scenario is completely different; android is an open source OS and more or less all the well-known, know, and lesser- known mobile manufacturing companies have launched quality Android mobiles and tablets into the market. So, if you are interested for Android you really have a lot many options to choose from the type of gadget that suits you best. So obviously this is a great plus side of Android, as it offers the consumer a much wider selection range.

The App Store, Updates, and Other Features

When it comes to the utility of the advanced mobiles and tablets, the app world becomes important. Applications make your device really workable and functional. iOS has a rich app store, which currently offers more than 700,000 apps, covering literally every aspect. Before publishing any app for iOS device the publisher needs to get approval from the Apple Inc. which ensures the best quality of the app. On the other hand, the android app store, Google Play, which also has an increasing number of apps that count to 600,000, might not be that much effective yet, as due to the lack of supervision, the huge number might not practically lead to a good number of varieties. When it comes to software updates, iOS users surely enjoy an advantage; whereas android updates might not be available in all the android devices. Other features of these two Operating Systems like calling, messaging, video chat, voice commands, web browsing and Facebook integration are more or less of the same level.


As a net result of android iOS comparison we find that, if you stick only with the top manufacturers of the Android devices, android can surely offer you a great experience, in every aspect, and all that at a lesser price than iOS devices; whereas while picking iOS you always have only a single and the best option in hand. We hope that this android vs iOS discussion can help you in your search to pick the best operating system.


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    Nice and informative post
    Both Android and iOS have their own quality. Best at class, looks, capabilities in their own places. Each one offers you better options than other. But when compared Android is supporting different devices almost all top manufacturers and if you are stuck with such a device Android gives you the best of services and that too in affordable price . When compared to android iOS supports apple devices which is a little bit expensive but gives you the best of features in industry.

    So both has its class of quality and it totally depends upon the customer to what to chooses !

    Nice post for understanding both the OS’s.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted..Supervisor’s Guide to a Happy Performance Appraisals

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    Wow what a nice Comparison. iOS is a great an powerful phone but i think people prefer android more than iOS because of it has

    like wise me i love android more than iOS 😀 Any way nice post

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