Best Android Tablet Business Apps

Best Android Tablet Business Apps

Android Tablet Business Apps

Android, as a platform, encapsulates all the capabilities to hold and carry on business processes seamlessly and installing the best android tablet apps in your tablet can surely add to its usefulness.  Due to the open structure of the Operating System, the options of android tablet apps are many, which make the selection process, not simple but much more complicated. So, here is a guide on the ‘must have’ business centric android tablet apps for all the business people out there.

  • Dropbox: When it comes to the cloud storage facilities, this free app can beat most of the competitors available in the market. Dropbox is supported across many platforms and can offer a unique solution for data sharing while on the go. You can also purchase the paid version if you need more than 10 GB space.
  • TouchDown: For many of us, Outlook is a native and if you are looking for a similar solution in Android, TouchDown can fit the best to your needs. The app can connect to the Exchange server and display a single interface for emails, contacts, tasks and calendar. It is available in two different versions which are suitable for phones and tablets.  The free trial version of this nicely designed email client is available for 30-days.
  • Splashtop Remote Desktop: This application offers a great way to access your desktop remotely from your device. This exceptionally useful application comes with support for both Mac and PC. It streams the whole desktop to your tablet through the proprietary protocol, but it does not provide any support for file transfer. The application is available for a price of $4.99.
  • Kingsoft Office: This unique tool supports almost all the formats (23 different formats) and lets you view, create, save and edit all the documents.  It can either save the documents as a PDF or can print them directly. The app also comes with an email application that allows users to send documents as attachments. Kingsoft Office is available for free.
  • CamCard: Maintaining a database of the business cards in your android device can be a lifesaving option in many situations. With CamCard you can easily picture the business cards with the camera of the device and save it directly in the contacts. It also allows batch scanning, QR Scanning and email signature scanning to make the process simpler.
  • Cloud Print: Cloud Print can be great for printing any document or picture from an Android device. It enables the user to connect and print through any Google Cloud Print connected printer. The tool is available for free.
  • Skype for Android:The Android version of Skype can be a great app for Android tablets. It enables you to communicate with your team easily and for no charges. It also allows you to share files and pictures easily over the conversation.

The above list of the best android tablet apps is not exhaustive; there are also other players in the market and the list is extending successively with every new day. However, the most popular android OS tablet apps which can have extensive uses in the business world are covered in the article.


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    I am using Dropbox which is really helpful. I was seeking for some other apps like this. I found this valuable for me. Thanks for the information. I hope I can connect to your blog further to get more such type of information.
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