How Much are People Connected through Technology Today?

If you have any form of gadget, be it a smartphone or tablet, you likely use some of the various connectivity options on the device. Even MP3 players are growing to use the internet and other synchronization options wherever possible.


How Much are People Connected through Technology today?

In short, it’s safe to say that very few devices stay independent. Most forms of technology are connecting to something else and we as people are being connected along with them. This leaves the simple question for the open minded and curious; just how connected are we?

The Internet

The internet has, and still is, the main form of connection. We can access it at home through broadband but various portable devices have adapted to become completely wireless when it comes to the World Wide Web.

Even a phone signal, thanks to 3G and 4G technology, is enough to access the internet. So, in most areas you can search the web and stream files. It’s a small change with big consequences, as such a small device can now bring all the options and knowledge of the internet with you wherever you go.

Other Devices

Furthermore, many devices don’t just connect with the internet. They can also connect with your other devices to synchronize and share data. This allows you to stream data from a central source, be it a cloud storage option or through your computer. This central hub means you only have to store files, such as work and music, in one place, rather than having separate copies in all your devices. Again, it’s a small change but one with big consequences. Just like the internet, a well connected device feels as if you’re carrying your entire computer hard drive with you.

You should also consider the likes of social media like Facebook & Twitter, ensuring that people are within instant communication with each other. People can tell you where they are and what they’re doing, so that they’re always connected to others.

Endless Improvements

This isn’t just a definitive answer either; rather, it’s a simple look at the current world today. Yet technology is constantly adapting and it will more than likely continue to adapt. This means that it’s very possible technology will become more and more connected. We’re already seeing devices that stay connected to the internet or constantly sync up to devices at home. Cloud technology is another example of this.

This does of course mean that there is a growing back-log of outdated technology. If you have such devices, you should be aware that you can sell mobile phone handsets and similar gadgets online to be recycled. This gives you a little money for your trouble and puts increasingly redundant technology to good use; the money also provides a great incentive.

In short, whether it’s through the internet to other devices, or giving you the option of social media, phones have come a long way from simply letting you call or text another person. Information is everywhere, and the modern smart device seems intent on giving you immediate access to it all.

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  1. says

    I have to agree, it is amazing to see how far technology has taken us, even just in the past 5 years. It’s all about becoming connect 24/7. I noticed this more and more with the smartphone market. Almost every phone today will have some kind of web browser or some social media app. Gone are the days of the ‘dumb’ phones!

  2. says

    Technology made our daily living easier and convenient whether on personal or business aspects. No wonder most people thought that they couldn’t live without technology even if they actually could.

  3. says

    Internet has made our life easy so we can easily access the data and information, But Social Networks have really connected the people. and made it easier for people to get in touch with all your friends, colleagues

  4. says

    Its been just 10 years that technology has changed our lives drastically. Today no doubt people are always connected to technology. This wasnt the case 15 years ago when there was no cell phones and internet.. Means no google, no youtube 😛

  5. Ather says

    It amazes me how quickly technology has changed all of us. And with more advancements, it will continue to do so. We will probably be using robots for work, self-driving cars, etc. Kind of cool, but a bit sad don’t you think?

  6. J.Edwards says

    In this internet era finding any technology nearer to any one is very easy. With a mouse click or a small touch someone can access (or finding ) any technology in your hand. Now a days social media plays one of the vital role to connect with the latest technologies.

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