Most Important Inventions Which Changed the Dimensions of computing

The age of computers brought with it a lot of ease in the management and performance of basic office and personal duties. Everyone would agree that the introduction of the worldwide web and the use of windows as opposed to the use of MS-DOS in the past were two turning points in the dimension of computing.

World Wide Web

The worldwide web started being used somewhere around the years of 1970. Initially, the use of internet connection from one PC to another was by the US military in its communications between different bases. After some time, the US government discovered that the use of the internet by normal civilians and organizations would play a significant role in promoting and accelerating globalization as it was known then. As such, some of the very first websites to be created were that of the Whitehouse in the United States of America. Most other initial websites were those of the US government in a bid to ensure that its governmental organs were well connected when it came to interchange of communication. With time, theĀ internet was rolled out to the general public and started being referred to as the World Wide Web.

Microsoft Windows

Bill Gates, who is well known to be among the richest people in the world presently, founded Microsoft together with one of his associates. When computers started being used in the past, one had to know the exact codes required to move between different pages or functions within the computer. For example, to open a new writing page, one would probably have to type in something like .exe.wordwrite.exe and this made it very difficult for any other person to use the internet as it was extremely hectic to be able to master all the commands required. Bill Gates was able to design and develop windows, and with it came other types of Computer software similar to windows, which are currently being used. The use of windows facilitated for the ease in the use of a computer and as such, many people could now purchase a home computer since it became very easy to navigate between the different pages of a computer and also use the worldwide web for personal and official reasons.

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  1. Rajesh says

    I would consider Apple Invention as an innovation in touch way usability the most credible one the world would have said Wow…it is just amazing and superb…It never ends as Apple keeps releasing the new design and everytime world watches for it’s product is more than just is Invention itself!

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