On-Page SEO Tips for an eCommerce Website

seo-tips-ecommerceSince an eCommerce website is packed with many categories and products it’s not an easy thing to promote it unless we optimize the website 100%. If an eCommerce website contains more than 500 pages then an internet marketing person has to use unique contents for all that 500 pages to escape from the search engine penalty. In order to promote any eCommerce website, the first thing which an internet marketing person must start is from On-Page optimization. Let’s look below what kind of On-Page factors one has to consider in promoting an eCommerce website.

Keyword Research:

The keyword is vital for promoting any kind of website. The wrong selection of keyword won’t provide any kind of business. This will result in loss of time and money. Initially try to promote a long tail keyword which is having some reasonable amount of search and then start promoting short tail keywords, because short tail keywords may take more time for the promotion. Most of the eCommerce websites will have a physical store. If it is there then try to promote the keywords with the store location. For example, instead of promoting a common keyword like ‘mobile’, promote a keyword like ‘best mobile phones in New Jersey’.

SEO-Friendly URL’:

Most of the eCommerce websites are failing to have the clean URL’s. Promoting such kind of URL’s will take more time than the normal time. Try to have the URL’s with the keywords which you use to promote an eCommerce website. The URL format of an eCommerce website must be like this “http://www.example.com/category/sub-category/product”

Heading Tags

Try to have the necessary heading tags like H1 and H2 tags. It is must to have only one H1 tag and we can have as many number of H2 tags. Use H1 only for the primary heading of the page. Having the keyword in the heading tag will give you some SEO boost.

Title Tag

The Title tag plays an important role in a website. It tells what a particular page is all about and having the descriptive title tag will help you a lot. Try to have the keyword in the title tag and even if it is long tail keywords, it doesn’t matter. The title tag on all the pages must be unique. Having the same title tag in many pages will decrease the ranking of a website.

Description Tags

Like the Title tag, meta description also plays an important role in the rankings of a website. Along with the Title tag, the meta description also appears in the Google search results. Never try to use the automated tool to create a meta description because this may result in the duplicate meta description.

ALT Attribute

An eCommerce website may have so many images. So, it is important to give ALT value for all that images. If you have descriptive ALT attribute then it gives some SEO boost for your website.

Image Optimization

Most of the websites fail to optimize their images. It is important for the businesses to give a descriptive name for the images before they upload onto their website. The descriptive name can even be a keyword. Try to reduce the file size of your images in order to make your website load time very fast. Keep the image size below 70kb and try to use the .JPEG image format.

Page Load Time

It is very important to give the users what they need within a short period of time. Since an eCommerce website has plenty of products, all that will have images. So, it will take more time for loading. In that case the images can be compressed and upload on the website. Doing this will improve the page load time.

Rel = “canonical”

Since the eCommerce websites are having multiple category ids and parameters, there is more of a chance of having the duplicate content. So, in that case having the canonical tag will avoid that duplicate content issue. Insert the Canonical tag in the pages which you consider as a duplicate one. This tells the Google which page has to be given more importance and it crawls that particular page alone.

Add Social Sharing Buttons

Having the social sharing buttons on an eCommerce website provides more advantage. Since, an eCommerce website displays more products to the users, if anyone finds that it is very useful for them than they may share it with others using the social share buttons. Pinterest is one of the social networking website which will be very useful for the ecommerce websites.

XML Sitemap

Submitting the sitemap for any website makes Google to index your website very fast. Even the inner pages are indexed very efficiently by Google. If your website has duplicate pages then avoid that page in the sitemap. Try to add the sitemap to your robots .txt file.


Having a robots.txt file is very important for any website. Before crawling a website Google fetches the robots.txt file of that website. You can avoid certain pages from the Google index by mentioning in the robots .txt file.

Check Broken Links

Having too many broken links in a website may reduce the site value. Since an eCommerce website contains many inner pages, there is more of a chance of having many broken links. Try to remove all broken links using the Google Webmaster Tool. There are so many broken link checker tools available in the online which will help you to find out the broken links in a website.

Try to Have Unique Product Description

Since the product manufacturer description is same for all the websites, it may result in the duplicate content. So, try to have a unique product manufacturer description.

Promote Using Multiple Anchor Texts

If you target a website using one or two anchor texts then it will result in the un-natural linking. So, try to promote your website using the multiple anchor texts like ‘click here for the best offers’, ‘buy your favorite product @ discount’. All these will help you from un-natural linking.

So, before promoting an eCommerce website try to follow all these On-Page tips.

Author Bio: Hello this is Karthikeyan “Digital Marketer” in a web design company “Fortune Impactors”. I love to provide lot of SEO related solutions through guest blogs. Here is another solution from me for ecommerce websites.


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