Why Should you Prefer an Android over iPhone?

The two platforms that are ruling the market of smartphone is Android and iOS and with many preferring to buy an Android to the iPhone, the most relevant question that arises is why Android. Well, people have different opinion about Android and iPhone and you will find many people buying iPhone even when most have to choose the other way. If I require giving you some solid reasons I will mention the following and at the end of it you may be convinced to buy an Android phone.

android over iphone

Open Source Platform: The iOS interface is restricted by apple to such an extent that you cannot play a file format that is not supported by iTunes. At the same time apple restricts your choice as far as playing apps are concerned. Most of the iPhones come with AT & T connection and contract and you require a jailbreak in order to be able to escape the restriction of Apple. In case you do that, you lose the warranty that comes with the phone which is not a good option. All these restrictions are not there in Android phones. You can play any app, play file format according to the configuration of the phone.

Best Price: The price of iPhone is quite high compared to low value Android phones. So, even if your budget is low, there is no restriction in going the smartphone way.

Variety of Options: If you want to use the iOS browser, then there are so less options available in the market from the market that you may need to sacrifice on features as the iPhones and iPads are available with permutation of features. On the other hand, Android phones are available in different price denomination, some being one fourth of the price of iPhone. There are number of models and number of brands producing Android phone that you have plenty of options to choose from.

Customization: You can customize the screen, software and many other things in your Android phone which is not possible iPhone. At the same time there is censorship of apple that you will have to abide by. If apple thinks an app is censored, you will not be able to play in on their phone. In reality, their phone never becomes yours totally. These restrictions and censorship is not valid for Android and even if you cannot download an app from a platform there are other platforms available to make you buy the same.

Custom Rom: A custom Rom is possible in an iPhone only when you jailbreak the system. Apple makes sure that the jailbreak is reversed when you update your iOS. At the same time you lose the warranty which is not good at all. They are trying hard to make jailbreak illegal in US, so better be aware of that. In Android, you can use the process of rooting and have custom Rom. You can install a different operating system in your Android phone, too.

There are so many reasons people can give in answer to the question why Android. While you get an Android, look for your own reason and you will be happy having the device.


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    Yeah it’s a fact that Android is much better than I phone ,really great website i had visited ever .Thanks to share such a great article with us.

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