Productivity Apps for BlackBerry

Productivity Apps for BlackBerry

Productivity Apps for BlackBerry

Blackberry devices have been one of the major handheld devices for the modern day workforce. They have been one of the pioneering devices that gave the ability to multitask from one single device. With the advent of the iPhone and Smartphones the option for multitasking handheld has opened up. More was with the development of simple apps, which made these phones more efficient. While most of the apps are designed for Android based Smartphones, and some for the iPhones, now Blackberry apps are also coming up with lot more options that can make the Blackberry handheld devices stringer and more efficient.
Here are some of the top apps that can be best described as productivity apps.

1. File Manager Pro:

File Manager Pro is developed by Terra Mobility, and this app costs about 8 USD. The app allows sending large files from the Blackberry device by zipping the files. It also allows users to unzip files that are received as zip files on the Blackberry device.
It can also help in organizing files on the device by acting as a general file manager also.

2. Dragon for email:

This app has been developed by Nuance Communications Inc, and can be classified as a dictation application. The app allows users to dictate directly in the Blackberry email client, and see the emails instantly typed. Contact names and subject lines can also be dictated, and composing email messages becomes easy and fun.

3. Antair E-Mail Auto Responder:

Antair email Auto Responder has been developed by Antair Corporation. As the name indicates, this app allows users to set up custom and automatic replies to incoming emails. The app allows users to set up different custom replies to different group of people for the same email account. The price is about 50 USD.

4. Empower Work Folder:

Empower Work Folder has been developed by EI Devices. This app allows you access to your work only emails. Priced at around 5 USD this app allows your Blackberry Enterprise Server e-mails at a single click. This app can ensure that there are no missing work mails for employees.

5. Data Security and Recovery:

This is a free app and has been designed and developed by This app is aimed at preventing theft of your Blackberry device, and sets off a siren to deter theft. It also becomes easy to report your lost Blackberry found even if it is locked. The settings allow the app to lock the phone if it detects something suspicious. The phone becomes locked and safe from misuse even before you know that it has been picked up.

6. ControlBPanel:

Priced at about 4USD, this app is an all-in-one utility software. Developed by QuiteSimple, this app allows users to delete third party applications. It also allows cleaning device memory, check battery status. It also allows to access basic device info like the PIN, file system info, and so on.
There are loads of app that are designed for Blackberry users and OS. These apps vary from tracking miles or trip distances, and even bcc-ing while sending emails. Free printing and sharing apps are also there, while some also allows you to conference and have a chat with fellow workers.
Many of these are free and some come for a price. It is important to know and understand which app will be best suited for your productivity before downloading and installing.
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  1. Ben says

    I was debating whether or not to switch to iphone from blackberry due to the lack of productivity tools…this post just showed me that blackberrys are still great for business people. You just saved me the headache of having to learn an entirely new platform from scratch.

    Thanks for this!

  2. Rob @ Rivalhost says

    I’m big on apps so I can appreciate this post. I’m always test driving the latest tools to see if they can help me boost my own productivity. I haven’t heard of some of these. Thanks for the share!

  3. Mohammad Ismail says

    Hello dear Admin,
    I am the first time visitor of this blog, and I am really glad to say that the blog is just awesome.
    You are really doing a great job by providing valuable information.
    Thank you!

  4. says

    I really needed to see this list of apps. I was about to give up on my blackberry once and for all. sigh* Thank you so much for sharing, appreciate it.

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