10 Reasons Why Should You Buy a MAC

mac_27_inchWhile so many computers with different configuration available in the market, people are still spending money to buy Mac and that gives rise to an obvious question, why buy Mac. Those who have been waiting eagerly to get away from Microsoft and Windows for quite some time now could not be happier after buying a Mac as there are plenty of reasons for the same.

10 Reasons to Prefer Mac Over Windows PC:

  1. A Mac is an extremely fast machine. The machine takes 5 seconds to load the desktop with each and everything running smoothly. The processor that works together with the RAM on a Mac is nothing short of impressive. No Windows computer has got this kind of speed.
  1. Most of the programs that we use on Windows comes installed on a Mac as it is. If you need the additional programs like for editing word, you can opt for a free alternative named “Open Office”. Every other program enabling us to check e-mails, watch photos and videos, communicate on AIM or use iTunes have a pre-installed application which comes with every Apple machine. This is extremely helpful, not requiring you to spend hours (like you needed to do with Windows) downloading these programs that are eventually going to take up a lot of space on the hard drive.
  1. Mac gives us abundant hard drive space. It is true that Windows computers can be upgraded to enjoy the same benefits, but there is not a single Windows computer that comes with more than 500 GB of hard drive space unless requested. When you first purchase a Mac, you are just going to find the available hard drive space unbelievable.
  1. The clean user interface of a Mac makes it extremely easy to work and interact on it. Many might argue on this point, but there can be no second opinion about the fact that a Mac is a beautiful machine. Windows requires you to search around quite a lot in order to just find what you are looking for. The Mac has a Mac Finder on the desktop and a spotlight search that make it easy and convenient for a user to access files and programs.
  1. Exclusive programs can be downloaded for a Mac that cannot be downloaded for a Windows computer. Is it true the other way round, though. However, there is hardly any program that only Windows has making you wish to have it on a Mac.
  1. Excellent quality and display resolution make a Mac unparalleled. The quality, picture, and resolution on a Mac cannot be described in words. The finesse with which everything is put together is unbelievable. Watching a movie on a Mac is like watching it at the theater. A first-time user of Mac is going to be astonished by the resolution.
  1. The iPhoto & iPhoto and other essential Apps comes with a Mac, which is in a class of its own and is perfect for those who edit videos, create websites, customize pictures, burn media, and watch movies.
  1. Accessing and checking the date, time, weather and using a calculator with only a click on the scroll button of the mouse are amazingly quick and useful experiences. The apps are hidden, not being visible until you click the scroll button.
  1. The price of a Mac is totally worth it. It is a great example of value for money. Mac has complete protection from being infected by viruses or getting hacked. This in itself is enough reason for you to be willing to pay the price and own a Mac.
  1. The special feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from owning a Mac is incomparable with anything else.

There are stores selling thousands of Macs every year and the customers are quite happy with the service of the computer. You can also invest your money on the same and with the reasons provided above, you will never question why buy Mac.


  1. Marush says

    As a Mac user who switched from Windows I can honestly say that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Macs have awesome hardware but Mac OS X is no good – it’s UI compared to Windows 7 just sucks, and it’s terminal capabilities are no match for a Linux one. I switched because of the hardware and for the simple fact that I needed a mac to test stuff for my clients. I got used to the OS but will switch back to Windows for my next laptop.

  2. Siddharth says

    Thanks for the dropping by, yes at times Mac OS feels its not that good as Windows,
    again, it all depends on the apps we use.
    For me, with 27 inch iMac, i feel its easier for multitasking with word/excel & browsers, have lots of tabs without hanging,
    Timemachine backups & quick dashboard with quick touch scrolling makes life easier :)

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