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Online shopping is the new flavor these days, not only in developed countries; as even the developing countries are now enjoying a slice of online shopping and its steady growth. The success of OLX India proves that India has emerged as a strong ground as far as online shopping is concerned. The big question is what makes so popular? Is it the fact that it is a free classified portal or are the advertisements and TV campaigns so good that you cannot help but use OLX? Let us take a closer look.

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What Makes OLX India So Phenomenally Popular?

When you are buying a product, the presence of middlemen increases the cost significantly. This is the reason, choosing such an online portal where buyers and sellers can interact without any middlemen is sure to lower down the cost. This platform is mutually beneficial because sellers can get the right deals and good value for both new and used products. At the same time, buyers can get a lot of economic deals on a lot of different products of different types.

This is not all because OLX is more than another online shopping platform. It helps you stay connected with friends, meet people with similar interest and form a community as well. Hence, the dual combination of a social community along with a direct selling platform that is free has led to the phenomenal popularity that OLX India enjoys.

They are one of the top ranked sites in India at the moment and have managed to jump to the top spots in a short frame of time. One of the main driving factors behind their popularity is the fact that they do not charge buyers or sellers any price and is free to use.

The Process of Posting Ads on OLX:

olx ipad iphone applicationsYou can either post your ads as a registered member or you even have the provision to do it anonymously. Singing up at the site is free of cost and will take only a few minutes. It is highly recommended to sign up because anonymous ads do not attract a lot of buyers as it looks a little shady. Once you have signed up at the site, you can then have your own profile which will contain all the records of your advertisements. It is extremely easy to edit the information.

The key to getting good value for your stuffs is to follow the steps that are listed below.

  • Be descriptive: It is important to give a thorough run down of the details of the product or service that you are selling. People want to know the details thoroughly before they decide to buy the product. If it is a used product, the description becomes extremely important. You should explain the condition of the product in accurate details.
  • Pictures are crucial: No one wishes to buy a product until they have seen what it looks like. OLX India is a well planned portal and it is extremely easy to add pictures and videos in the description. When you are selling a product, make it a point to include pictures of the product from different angles so that people can have an access to what the products look like.

Following these two points is sure to help you in creating the best ads that will help you in attracting the right buyers and this will give you good value of money. OLX India is sure to surge in popularity even further.

The Popularity of OLX TV Campaigns

OLX is one such site that has managed to be phenomenally popular. The TV advertisement campaigns are one of the main reasons for its popularity. What is the main winning element in the advertisements? It has to be the smart plot and the cheeky selling line which is “Bech De” meaning “sell it”. The advertisements have a soft humor and illustrate the power of the platform.

When OLX started working in the Indian subcontinent, they were looking for ways in which they could tap the entire sector and make people use this platform to drive their own means. The fact that it can help bring both the buyer and seller on one platform and people have been getting the best deals has led to the phenomenal popularity of OLX India.

What Does The TV Campaign Revolve Around?

The basic underlying idea behind the TV advertisement is that even those people who have some sentiments and memory attached with certain products are also willing to part with it simply because they are getting a good monetary exchange for the stuffs. Hence, people will always settle for the selling off those products if they can get good money out of it.

OLX has managed to capture the right sentiment among people and it illustrates how online shopping has become the flavor of the season. You can see some of the top OLX India advertisements and it is sure to amuse you and at the same time the powerful message of selling stuffs that you no longer need is conveyed too.


  1. Alex says

    OLX is a very use Classified website. We Also use this in Pakistan for Purchasing and selling secondhand Goods. Its really works.Alex

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