Top 10 Twitter Apps

So many things are popular these days on the web, ranging from HTC Thunderbolt to latest pc games and multiplayer pc games. Another popular phenomenon on the web is twitter. In fact, Twitter has been a huge hit since its launch and its fast adoption has resulted in plenty of keyed up developers mixing up Twitter’s best features with their own ideas. As a result, we have plenty of Twitter apps available on the web today. But which one is best? Let’s have a look at some of the most used and popular Twitter Apps.

top twitter apps Top 10 Twitter Apps

Tweetdeck – Link

Right on top of our list, Tweetdeck is one of the most popular desktop apps for accessing Twitter. Tweetdeck provides a convenient way of handling numerous twitter messages in a single sitting.

HootSuite – Link

HootSuite is one of the best Twitter Application that allows you to update and schedule tweets to multiple accounts. In HootSuite you can add multiple HootSuite users and give them access to tweet from your account, this is very useful when your twitter account is built for a business purpose.

Twitterfeed – Link

With Twitterfeed, it is easy to post straight to twitter, custom laconica installations,, and via, concurrently to the numerous services that are supported by

Twhirl – Link

This one is a popular desktop client made for use in Twitter microblogging service. You can access almost all Twitter site features via twhirl.

Twitter Atlas – Link

By design, Twitter Atlas displays newly posted Twitters positions plotted and updated on a map. You find red “pins” on the map to illustrate the position of Twitter poster. To get a message displayed you just have to hit on the pin.

Twitter-Remember the Milk – Link

You can manage your tasks with Remember-the-Milk to-do app via the Twitter micro-blogging service. You can do things like getting the day’s tasks. Also, if you want to play multiplayer pc games with your friend, then you can assign that as your friends tasks. You can also get tasks in a certain context and more, all via Twitter’s lengthening list of interfaces.

Twit Bin – Link

Twitbin allows you to track Twitter updates straight from Firefox — you don’t need Twitter client to do this.

TwittyTunes – Link

This free Firefox add-on allows you to post your existing music selections to other Twitter members. You can access it via status bars’ icon where there is a drop-down menu for managing Twitter account.

Twitterment Link

Twitterment is a buzz tracking system released by the University of Maryland uBiquity research group. Twitterment offers a search interface on top of a recent updates index received occasionally from the public timeline API.

Flotzam – Link

Bringing in as much fun as latest pc games, Flotzam is an app to generate cool visualizations from the social network updates. Every time somebody posts fresh media or comments to your social media sites, Flotzam sends a message to your screen.

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  1. Still i am using Tweetdeck and its working fine to me. Here i got some more useful tools Which could be the best collections of my twitter accounts.
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    Nice List Sid!

    I’m using and it is awesome!

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    Thanks for sharing this with us. I have used Tweetdeck for a while and it’s awesome!
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  8. Twwetdeck is an excellent Twitter App, i like it…………………… Good share @ Siddharath!

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