Top iPhone 4S Accessories

Now that Apple has released a new iPhone, it’s time to accessorize it. Accessories serve the dual need of enhancing some features of your iPhone and adding some new features to it. Just like you have an app for almost every service, there is an accessory for all kinds of needs like protecting your iPhone, using it as a fully fledged camera, or turning it into a multimedia powerhouse.

Top iPhone 4S Accessories

Below are the top accessories available for iPhone 4S:

Apple TV– (US$99)

Apple TV is not a specific iPhone accessory. But, by using Apple TV you can wirelessly mirror your iPhone 4S to any screen connected to an Apple TV. Apart from pictures and videos stored on your iPhone, you can mirror everything visible on the screen. You can browse the internet, give a presentation, or play your favorite game on a bigger screen using Apple TV.

Otterbox Commuter Series Case– (US$ 34.95)

The otterbox commuter series case protects your iPhone 4S very well. It has three layers for protection. The commuter series looks very attractive and is available in several colors.

SOL Republic Tracks Headphones– (US$ 99)

There is hardly any difference between the white earbuds supplied with iPhone 4S and ones supplied with earlier models. The SOL Republic Tracks Headphones are a good alternative and they deliver good audio quality for a cheaper price. They are also very strong and you can bend and twist them without breaking them. They have volume control buttons and a mic on the wire so that you can also use them for making calls.

Plantronics Voyager Pro HD– (US$ 99)

The Siri on board your iPhone 4S is very helpful in controlling some actions and apps on your iPhone with your voice. A good bluetooth headset helps in capturing your voice accurately in noisy environments. The Voyage Pro HD bluetooth headset from Plantronics delivers good audio quality and can also sense when it is on your ear. It knows whether to send a new call to your iPhone or the headset audio.

Philips Fidelio DS3010 Docking Speaker– (US$ 70)

The Fidelio range of speakers from Philips for iPhone and iPad deliver good sound. But, the DS3010 for iPhone 4S offers a right balance between compact size and beautiful sound. The way they are designed ensures that you don’t even have to remove the case of your iPhone when using with this docking speaker.

Griffin AirCurve Play– (US$ 19.99)

The speakers onboard the new iPhone 4S are good but not loud enough. The AirCurve Play from Griffin will be handy when you need louder sound but don’t have access to high power speakers. The coiled waveguide from Griffin amplifies the sound from iPhone’s speakers. The AirCurve Play’s stand can hold iPhone in portrait or landscape mode and has cutouts which make it easy for you to reach the charging port and buttons on the edges.

iPhone SLR Mount– (US$ 249)

The iPhone SLR mount allows attaching high quality lenses to your iPhone. This accessory allows to turn the camera on your iPhone into a serious image capturing device. Using this accessory, you can attach lenses like the Canon EOS or Nikon’s Nikkor to your iPhone.

Before you buy any of those accessories, remember that there are multiple models available for some of them. Check whether the model you are buying is compatible with iPhone 4S or not. In general many accessories designed for iPhone 4 can also be used for iPhone 4S, but the ones designed for iPhone 3GS are not compatible with iPhone 4S.

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  1. Josh says

    Nice collection of iPhone products. I’ll have to check out the Plantronics voyager I have always enjoyed their products. And the Otterbox is a great choice to protect your investment.

  2. Martin says

    I think there are much better accessories, they might have come on the market after this post was published though. At least as far as phone cases are concerned, the Otterbox one doesn’t look anything special.

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