How to Verify Your Twitter Account

Verified witter Account

Steps need to Verify Your Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the most prominent social networking website and it is important to verify twitter account to be legitimate on the platform. Twitter is the most powerful micro blogging website that people follow in their day to day lives and companies also use this platform to post news, new offers and more on the social networking website. Celebrities and actors can be accessed directly through Twitter account and to ascertain the fact you need to get verified. .

Why do you Need a Verified Account?

The fact that there are so many fake accounts on Twitter makes it essential to have a verified account if you fit the bill of key personalities on twitter. If people have to follow you they will first see if the account is a real one and that is the reason why they only trust verified account. Twitter will only verify people connected to music, politics, sports, movies and more such fields with a lot of followers. You can only get your account verified and get a blue tick on your profile if you fall into one of such categories and have a lot of followers.

Procedure to Verify the Twitter Account?

  • The first step to verify a twitter account is to determine if you are eligible for a verified account. If you are an important personality or your account is about a private or government agency which is quite popular, you qualify for the verification. In case there are so many fake accounts with the same name and identify, verification is required for your account. You don’t need to worry about the number of followers or the number of tweets you have received on your account before making a request.
  • If you have understood your eligibility, the next step would be to ask the admin for verifying your account. You have to input your name, location, official websites, and some crucial information about yourself. Make it nice and short. Though they don’t need such a request, it can actually make the process faster.
  • It may take some time for the account to get verified as twitter has to handle a lot of such request and they respond to the highly sought out accounts first. You can send a snail mail to the admin to ask for verification.

Twitter account verification is not for everyone but if you are eligible on the criteria mentioned above, verify twitter account to get more followers.


  1. SAJID says

    What is the criterian to be popular or important personality in being verified Twitter account holder???

  2. Majid says

    Verification is for the very important personalities, I for example won’t be worried if my twitter handle doesn’t get verified.

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