Why iPod Battery Dies Quickly?

iPod Battery Dies QuicklyIf you are an iPod user, you may be telling that your iPod battery dies quickly. If so, do not think that you are an unlucky iPod user. This is because you are not the only person on this earth who suffers due to the iPod battery problem. As it is for you, for millions of iPod users, this annoying problem has always created hassles when they enjoy their music with their iPods. Even though critics appreciated much on the stylish look of the iPod and the stupendous features it offers, only on consistent usage they may come to know that an iPod battery needs a tweak. However, the question is that, why iPod battery dies so fast. Well! The answer is that there seems to be a problem in the manufacturing itself.

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Important factors For Ipod’s Battery Drain:

It seems like Apple, the makers of iPod, have not concentrated much on the battery standby. On continuous usage, many people say their iPod battery dies pretty fast. This problem is a serious issue when it spoils your mood of listening to music. Just imagine how annoying and bad it will be, if your iPod shuts down due to lack of charge in the battery when you are listening to your favorite artist’s favorite number. The core reason of having an iPod is for listening to songs. If it fails to deliver the primary use, then the makers should take a deep look into the problem. However, do not blame on the makers alone, for there are various other factors that may cause your iPod to die fast. Exposure to the sun or rain, keeping you iPod on your hot car, not using your iPod regularly are a few common reasons for which your iPod battery always dies quickly.


In some cases, the battery problem in iPod gets to the extreme levels. Even though an iPod battery does not have such a poor quality or design, some rough handling of the device or any of the above-mentioned factors may put an end to your hassle free music enjoyment soon. Initially, the problem was a burdening one, as many people did not have a chance to replace their iPod batteries soon with ease. However, Apple is now providing good support to the people who suffer out due their iPod battery problem. You can now have a replacement very soon with ease if your iPod battery power dies soon often. However, be sure that you go to the replacement plan only in a worst-case situation. This is because you can find solutions for this problem without any difficulties.

Solutions for better Battery Life:

Even though there are many online forums that discuss a lot on the iPod battery problem, many sites do not give the right solution. However, you can find some simple solutions that can save your iPod battery. You can also follow the tips to extend your iPod battery life. If your iPod battery dies quickly, make sure that you keep it away from the sun or any such heat producing factors. Exposure to heat is the primary cause for quick iPod battery charge down. In addition to this, also ensure that you use your iPod regularly. Note that the iPod battery is made of lithium cell and irregular usage may lead to poor battery life.


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    I thought always that only my bad luck caused me such an iPod, but now it seems that it is a problem for all. The manufacturers should give attention to this problem or the product will be extinct for its poor battery life.

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    This is really an informative post about iPod battery down and you mention some useful points that are very helpful and i enjoyed to read your post. Keep it up this Great job.

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    You should make it sure that the battery is 100% charged and you should not take it away before charging completely. By this way you can increase your battery life to some extent.

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    Nice and helpful post
    This post is most helpful for ipod users.”The battery of ipod dies quickly ” is the common problem of all the ipod users. There are several reasons for this . I too agree that there are many blogs which talks about this topic and gives different solutions but the most simple and best solution I think is the one in this post. Regular usage of the ipod and keeping it away from heat or rain. I hope many will get helpful from this post.

    Thank you for sharing

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