BSNL 3G Hack for Unlimited Plan – Chennai

There are multiple techniques to hack the BSNL 3G service which you can find them in many mobile blogs, I have tried them but its not working in my area, however here is the 100% working technique to get 3G speed for mere 249.Rs instead of 1300.Rs. The trick is, to say in short, we activate GPRS service for 2G and change the tower to 3G network so we get 3G speed for browsing :)


Well, here are the steps to follow,
Step 1 : All you need is a 3G supported Mobile phone with 3G activated BSNL Sim in that.
Step 2 : Now top up your mobile with minimum 300 Rs.
Step 3 : Activate Unlimited GPRS plan by sending SMS in the following format,
GPRS249 to 53733
Step 4 : Now change your Network Operator from GSM to WCDMA/UTMS/3G depending on your handset,
Now enjoy unlimited Browsing in 3G speed :)

Note :

If you have doubt, You can check whether the system works or not in your circle by activating 7 rs. plan
by sending sms as “GPRS7″ to 53733 and do the same as above.

Available GPRS Packs :

Rs.7 – 50 MB 1 day
Rs.20 – Unlimited 1 day
Rs.13 – 200 MB 3 days
Rs.89 – 2 GB 1 mnth
Rs.249 – Unlimited for 1 months

This works 100% in Tamilnadu Circle ( Chennai ). I have around 5 of my friends using the trick in Chennai, do check it in your area and update us :)

Do you use this technique or any other trick ? do share with us below !


  1. rishi says

    i wish to know that it will work in maharashtra or not
    and the other thing is that in maharashtra unlimited plan is of Rs. 274.
    and i have 2g sim in which this plan is activated and after changing the network to utms it gives very good speed at starting for 10 days after that it again started givingspeed at 20-30kbps speed.
    so please give me the trick to again use the same sim at 3g speed.
    thank you.

  2. says

    I live in West Bengal and I am using a 3G modem from Micromax, and BSNL 2G sim card to access 3G speed on BSNL network.
    To achieve this speed, activate the unlimited plan which comes @ Rs 198(in my case), and after doing that just maintain a min. balance of Rs50 in your account. Then just go to modem setting and select the UMTS.

    Now You are ready to get 3G speed at the cost of 2G tariff.
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  3. raj says

    This trick worked for me but the speed is upto 30kbps only,
    So Please give me the trick to increase the speed.

  4. rahul says

    I just confirmed with cc in chennai there’s unlimited plan with 3g @1499rs. and there’s unlimited plan in 2g@274. so bit confused what you are saying.
    moreover merely switching network won’t give the speed limit. but any way that’s good try. if you get a plan in 3g for 274/249 and saying it will go for unlimited then may be its not. if you are saying take plan in 2g and switch to 3g then your post need correction in point 1 as 2g sim.

  5. Abhinav says

    Guess how…….every1 makes a blog and publishes it online which is just a google search away………bsnl people are not that dumb……..

  6. Rahul Kapoor says


    Don’t do this trick, it is not working, Only one service will work at the same time, GPRS or 3G.
    When you activate GPRS by SMS it will just convert your 3G sim into 2G and after that you will receive GPRS Speed, No matter you select UMTS or GSM in the mobile you will receive the speed of GPRS. I am saying this because i faced this problem.
    If you thing the speed will be back after converting your 2G sim into 3G again then it won’t work bcoz the plan 248 is for 30 days and you cannot concert your sim to 3G until the voucher expires. in other words you will be stuck in 2G sim with GPRS speed for 30 days. I faced this problem and it gave me a very big headache.
    So use BSNL 3G with the correct way if you want faster speeds.

    Thank you

  7. Neil says

    @Anand Kumar : Yes,you are right. But, they didnt get 3g speed. One of my friend get 3g speed in new 3g sim without paying any bucks.

  8. RM says

    Cause u get a free 3g net usage for 7-10 days free on a new 3g sim…so the trick is buy a new bsnl sim every 7-10 days..

  9. Rahul says

    But it is only till 500 mb, and its not for 7 to 10 days, its valid for 180 days after doing FRC 120.

  10. Harish says

    Is it Still Working? Chennai, Tell me a best plan to use 3G , Cheapest and best, any operator, Vodafone , bsnl or what ever

  11. Athiban says

    Bsnl website says there s a gprs plan for rs.54 (300mb day usage, 2gb nit usage) !! Wen spoke to cc, he said he has no info on that… Does any one hav any idea !?!

  12. Ajmeer says

    in BSNL 2G, I get only 120 to 150kbps speed. But after trying this trick i’m getting 300 to 400kbps speed……

  13. Abhishek Dadhich says

    Hey U all U can use Rs. 7 recharge with 100 Mb/day which is a 2g plane but you will get 3g speed for 1 day no other plan work in it all tried up to now. If any one gets in other plane then please tell me.

  14. domnickr says

    yes its true what rajiv kapoor say , rs 98 or rs 48 gprs converts 3g sim into 2g for 30 days,at speed of 148kps


  15. Tanmay says

    hey dude.i have faced the same problem as by Rishi that for first 10 days very gud speed (200-250 kbps download))but then a downfall to 17 kbps merely!!So tell me what to do??I live in Indore(Madhya Pradesh)

  16. anil says

    hey dude this trick is increase only browsing speed not downloading speed. so give me downloading speed hack trick

  17. Shubham says

    hi friends i am in big problem i have tried many ways to use free bsnl 3g internet but it is not working in my area (Patna). tell me if you have hacked 3g gprs of any network ph 8873118180 please send me as soon as possible in email also

  18. Dinesh says

    @Abhishek Dadhich
    Dude even gprs89 works with 3g speed for me… I guess except the 249 pack all others work…

  19. ritesh patra says

    hi! friend i am from west bengal. pls help me! how i do bsnl 3g in 2g sim free of cost .pls help me.

  20. RASOOL says

    Hey, i am using 3g sim and Rs. 175/- unlimited 2G data plan at west bengal, we have received good 3g/hsdpa signal but download speed is 20 kbps only. please tell me hack trip to reach the 3G speed.

  21. pradeep says

    Its Because Of Bsnl Server Overloded in your are………….
    i got maximum 500 kbps download speed in 2G sim in Gujrat.

  22. saro says

    Hai! i’m from chennai …. i’ve 3G data card ,but now they didn’t give any unlimited plan..
    so plz help me, any hacks are in 3G bsnl chennai network ….

  23. Praveen says

    I tried this in coimbatore. It clearly says ‘you cant activate 2G plans when 3G is availed’! What to do?

  24. rammohan says

    it’s good. but tell me the speed .. iam gonna work on this coming month…..

    thanks in advance,,. waiting for ur reply…

  25. tanmoy says

    r u still using this trick,i m also using a micromax 310 g modem.plz tell me details

  26. IMRAN says

    can the same trick be done using a bsnl 2g simcard on Micromax 352G modem??
    please let me know,
    and what is the unlimited plan avialable in chennai

  27. sabrish says

    hi abishek!….im from chennai dist…i hav a huewai e1550 wich s a universal modem?…..i hav a 2g sim and i converted into 3g i recharged for 98 plan n i used in modem i got 3g speed….aftr 5 mints my balance s reduced 2 zero frmm 30rs….connection also lost?….wat 2 do for tis?….plz help me?

  28. high_speeds_limited_data_plans says

    here is the terrifs offerd by bsnl punjab

    54=300mb day = 2gb night =30 days
    219=4gb day+4gb night=30days

    help me plzz sir …. can i recharge ulmtd plans from others states too ??

  29. Ranjan says

    Hi Sid,
    Can u discribe the trick for PC. I m using 3g data card with 3g sim with 2g plan (Rs.270 for 10GB) earlier the dl speed was exilent ie upto 7.2 mbps. but now since 1 1/2 month its merely 20 KB/s. I m fm Jaisalmer Rajasthan.

  30. jeevasairam says

    Hi Sidharth, I am using Airtel landline for broadband purposes. I want 1mbps, unlimited (maximum usage is 25 gb per month. I want to spend only 1000 rs for net purposes. Can you pls suggest me the best plan for me. As of now, I have no USB data card or any 2g or 3g SIM cards.

    I will be very happy if I get a reply from you quickly.

    Thanks in advance.


  31. amy says

    does it work even now in chennai circle… Its long time since u posted that trick..
    Looking forward to ur reply..

  32. aryan says

    please tell me how can I speed up my reliance 2g gprs connection’s surfing and downloading speed.

  33. rakesh kumar says

    I have a micromax 3G modem.i m using 2G BSNL sim,but speed doesn’t exceed more than there any trick to exceed? plz reply me fast..

  34. nakul says

    help me siddharth, i have activated 2g plan of 2gb in bsnl .but speed is 20kb/s . at the end of plan it rises to 150 kb/s.

  35. ashwin says

    hi siddarth i am from rajshthan i use bsnl 2g and get speed 250 to 300 kbps but when i recharge my second recgarge in my sim and speed is after recharge 15 to 20 kbps can you tell me solution to get speed with every rechrge

  36. vicky says

    Hai siddharth this trick is working on 2g sim or as well as 3g datacard sim,,,becoz i tried it in datacard sim it’s not working…:( …shall i try in 2g sim? pls reply me

  37. Santosh says

    Hi , i bought a bsnl sim 5 days before ,on the day i bought it gives the speed of 200-300 kbps download on my micromax dongle but after that day it suddenly reduces to 15-20 kbps .but it still shows the hsupa tower , can you help i m from orissa , is there any trick you can tell me please………

  38. Ramu says

    How to change network operator in Android mobiles?I am unable to see WCDMA/UTMS/3G anything in the network operators.I am sure that 3G is activated on the sim.Please help.

  39. kishore says

    This trick works gud for nokia 3g phones too rite!?
    I wanna use a 3g activated nokia phone as modem to the pc..
    Dos this trick ensure the same gud speed?!..