Efficient Google FTP Search for Searching Files

Here is a new way to find files in ftp using Google search in a better way ever .

Use these Search Quotes :

  1. index of ftp/ +mp3
  2. index of ftp/ +divx
  3. index of ftp/ +”anything you want” ( pdf, 3gp, mp3, etc)

For example:

  • index of ftp/ +randomartist mp3

Improved Search:

Google also has many operators that you can use to specify your search,

  • cache:
  • link:
  • related:
  • info:
  • stocks:
  • site:
  • allintitle:
  • intitle:
  • allinurl:
  • inurl:

To use it, simply add the operator to the search quote.

For example:

The above search gives you all the URL’s available in that site


  1. German says

    Siddaharth, thank you for this tip (index of ftp/ +”anything you want”).

    I didn’t know it and it’s been really useful.



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