National Do Not Call Registry – Check

You might have received numerous number of unknown calls or messages on your mobile, regardless of any operator. If you are Irritated of Receiving these SMS Ad’s & Promotional Calls from Network Operator Or from banks, services, etc., you shall make those calls or SMS not reach you, just by registering yourself in the National Do not Call Registry ( NDNC ) . You can anytime check whether your mobile number is registered in NDNC or not using this NDNC Check tool from the Government website.


Well, Now to confirm this, Check whether your mobile no. is in NDNC Registry or not .

You can Register ( or ) Withdraw your mobile number from NDNC anytime by the following ways . This is quite simple and it can be done just by sending an SMS to 1909 and its toll free .

For Registration

Subscriber can send: START DND to  1909

For Withdrawal

Subscriber can send: STOP DND to 1909

Your request for the registration or withdrawal will be taken into consideration and you will get the response as soon as you send the message asking you to confirm the process.

For Registration/ Withdrawal, no further information is required through this method , as mobile Number of subscriber is treated as identification

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