Send Unlimited SMS to India Without Revealing Your Number

Note: This service has been currently temporarily Discontinued due to overwhelming spam complaints.

Sending free SMS is always a dream of everybody. There are many websites which lets you send free SMS. Websites likeΒ way2sms, 160by2 are very popular in India.

Unlimited Free SMS to India offers you to send 160 characters SMS to any mobile number without any registration required.

I use this free SMS service frequently to fool my friends often and to play prank on them. Enjoy freedom of sending free SMS to any Indian mobile number without any hassle :)

SMS Delivery Speed

SMS delivery is instant, within 5 seconds or maximum 60 seconds on any case and your SMS will be sent from the Sender ID – TA-WebSMS

Also, you can send sms to your friends from your PC or mobile in just a single Click. Your SMS will be sent with No ad in it.

Visit now and start sending Free SMS



  1. says

    yeah.. u r rite.. even i to tried to use.. but its not user friendly, the guy is in a money making intention with less quality πŸ˜›

  2. says

    I love the thought of being able to invisible sms! This would be great but at the same time it would get annoying, simply because people abuse the resource!

  3. kumar says

    once I send a msg to my friend, will that number be used by this site to send ad msgs ?

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