Top 10 Android Apps of All Time

Android has been ruling the roost in the mobile phone market since 2008 and doesn’t seem to be going out of vogue any time in the near future. This Google OS has touched many with some of the most wonderful applications which have made several lives simpler or more fun-filled. There are innumerable Android apps for each function, be it games, social networking, photo processing, music, budgeting or travel planning. These are the ten most popular as well as the best Android apps of all time that we found amongst various user bases. Here you go!

Top 10 Android Apps all time Top 10 Android Apps of All Time

Top 10 Android Apps of All Time

#10: Snapseed

Snapseed came in after the raving success of Instagram; an insanely popular photo editing app, and it is quite obvious why Snapseed hasn’t quite caught on much. However, with several superior features over the latter, Snapseed is quickly gaining up. Apart from one touch auto correction and enhancement, the ‘Tune Image’ option of Snapseed has many users going gaga over. It allows for very minute and detailed adjustments especially the ‘Selective Adjust’ option. There is a whole range of interesting creative enhancements like grunge, retrolux, vintage, tilt-shift etc. Some thoughtful features include side by side before and after previews and preservation of photo quality make this one to number ten of top Android apps.

#9: Pocket

There could never be a better tool for the ultimate procrastinator than Pocket. This free Android app lets you save anything you find interesting online but cannot put much time into at the moment. Saw a cool article headline but can’t read it right away? Pocket it and read it later at your ease even when you’re offline, thus, making boring flights interesting. Pocket lets you save pretty much anything on the net be it web pages, articles, pictures, videos etc. Moreover, with its simple and nice layout, it is pleasing to the eye. You can ‘save to Pocket’ from other apps on your Android device and also login to Pocket in a ‘Read it later’ mode for a smooth transition. For being the handy little thing it is, Pocket grabs slot nine.

#8: Mint

This free app lets you put all your personal financial accounts in one place including the plastic and tracks all transactions against them after categorizing each. All this information is pass code protected so that in case your device gets stolen, you can access and simply deactivate your device access. Graphs let you know where you’re spending most. It notifies you about pending payments, low balances, account activity etc. The last downloaded information can also be accessed offline. Mint has grabbed several accolades for being the best money manager, viz. CNN Money’s 6 Best Banking & Budget Apps 2012, Google Play Best Apps of 2012 and other slots in Winner, PC Magazine and Kiplinger’s putting it on our number eight of the best Android apps of all time.

#7: Any.DO

True to its name Any.DO lets you do practically anything and become the Superhuman you’ve always wanted to be. It puts together your shopping, business meeting schedules, daily planning and also people you’re supposed to call back. Deterred with the mere thought of typing it all in? Any.DO caters to the laziest of planners with a voice recognition function that converts your speech into written words, no matter what language you speak. Swipe a finger, mark a task complete and shake your device to clear off all finished tasks. Share your time based schedules with others to keep up with each other. Any.DO, being the truly ubiquitous app we all need in our lives earns its slot on number seven on our list with its immense popularity.

#6: Pulse

Like the pulse of the world in your veins? Get Pulse News app to put together newspapers, magazines, blogs and social networks of your choice into a single interactive interface which you can quickly scour to pick the best crop of news for the day. Those constantly on the run can save their feed and view it later offline. Those who are really time strapped can quickly read summaries using the dual view option. Share interesting news picks with your friends and family via Pulse and also by using Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  You can sync in news from practically any source using Pulse, which is why it makes it to number six.

#5: Kindle

Kindle kindles the dormant reader in you to get the best books, magazines and newspapers on your Android device and read it as you please without having to wait to tuck into a bed with a hard copy. With Kindle, you may not even have to get a dusty old book from the local library if they have a digital library which you can borrow books from. It has active sync options which help you do away with bookmarks, dog-earing and highlighters. You can shop for e-books after sampling the first chapter. Kindle also lets you read print replica books in a clear and rich format. For the curious reader, Kindle includes built-in dictionary, Google and Wikipedia which puts it on number five on our list.

#4: Evernote

Evernote lets you quickly jot down everything you want to at a moment. It’s not just about written notes but also pictures and voice reminders. Evernote is an all-in-one app which includes travel planning, to-do list making, alarms, shopping, tracking expenditure etc. You can take notes, sort them into notebooks, tag them accordingly and access them anytime. Found this yum recipe? Save it and search it later by ingredients. It is a useful note-taking tool for business people and students. But what makes it exceptional is that it helps you cut down on laborious typing by searching for text within pictures. So you don’t have to manually jot down the bills, visiting cards and white screens. Just click a pic. Evernote truly earns its place on number four.

#3: Pandora

Among the best apps in the market today, Pandora puts music at your fingertips. This super app for Android is free and also streams in comedies and your favorite 100 radio stations for you to listen to anytime and anywhere. It has among the largest bases for sourcing music which can even be accessed through other apps like Shazam. Sing along with the lyrics and learn more about your favorite musicians and comedians. Share your music with your friends and get to know what they are listening to. Pandora truly has a lot to explore so do download our number three on your Android device and make life a lot musical.

#2: Angry Birds

Arguably the most popular game to ever hit the Android market, Angry Birds is not just a game app-it is a sensation! An obvious choice for our number two slot, this launch and hit game includes excellent dynamics in the game which mimic real reactions of objects to gravity. The game is based on the sweet revenge of angry birds from pigs that stole their eggs. Experience an entirely new level of gaming with the power ups, brand new scenarios with the ferocious Red Bird, more levels, secrets waiting to be unlocked with each bird’s XP, interesting attack techniques and finally, the mighty eagle. Discover all these right away with Angry Birds free app on your smartphone.

#1: Whatsapp

whatsapp android app top Top 10 Android Apps of All Time WhatsApp isn’t just another messenger app. It practically defines chats in smartphones today and has made SMSs a thing of the past. Send pictures, video and voice notes to your friends and indulge in group chats on an unlimited basis. Message your friends for free. You can access your WhatsApp messages offline. Unlike other messengers you don’t login or logout or manually add chat contacts. You simply install this WhatsApp in your Android device and start off with the automatically updated list of your contacts from your phonebook who are already using this app. It integrates into your phone with a simple download. There is practically no reason why you don’t have it in your Android device yet.

With Android apps, there is no one-fits-all rule as each app has its own perks and downsides, so chances are you may not find your favorite Android app in this top ten list. However, there is no harm trying and since, most of these apps offer optimal function even while being free downloading them is worth your time. Make the most of your Android device for everything you need in life.


  1. I use about 4 of the apps you mentioned. Glad to see more I can check out. Thanks mate.

  2. This is a list that many people will agree with. While no doubt, Whatsapp has been a revolution of sorts in the text messaging service, other apps like the Pandora and Kindle have also been a hit with the public. Even a simple gaming app like Angry Birds has been able to strike a chord with a large number of users.

  3. i have not tried other apps exceps whatsapp. i will try install and use it…

    thanks a lot

  4. Hi. Siddharth
    Nice Post Man Such a good post is this I like that & keeping sharing such things.

  5. wonderful article you’ve put out here…..whatsapp is my favourite

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