Top 10 Best iPhone Business Apps

The iPhone`s App Store is chock full of top tier programs and although many are geared towards entertainment and fun, there are still plenty of business-oriented apps which will help you improve your productivity when you are out and about. Here are 10 of the best iPhone Business apps available at the moment. Most of the Apps can also be used on iPod, read the article to learn why do you need an iPod touch – Why Buy an iPod Touch ?

Best iPhone Business Apps

1. Analytics App

If you run a website for your business and you want to see how visitors are using it when you are on the move, this premium iPhone app will get the job done. A detailed breakdown of figures will help you work out where you are succeeding and which areas of your site need work.

2. Google Docs

The cloud-based document storage service from Google can now be accessed from your iPhone, so you can always edit, update and print precious files when you are away from your workstation.

3. DropBox

Like Google Docs but for files of all kinds, DropBox allows you to remotely save and access data from your smartphone, making it easier to share with colleagues and collaborate when you are out and about.

4. Skype

VoIP calls have cut the cost of communicating for many business users, but you can now enjoy the same features from your iPhone. Both Wi-Fi and 3G calling is possible, so you need never be out of touch.

5. ToDo Task Manager

If you have trouble organising your day then this app will act as a great incentive, allowing you to synchronise your activities across multiple different digital calendar platforms and making sure you never miss an important meeting.

6. eBay

If your business relies on online auction site eBay then the iPhone iteration of the full desktop site will be invaluable. You can track items, manage sale and even place bids so that you stay one step ahead of the competition.

7. Evernote

This app effectively turns your iPhone into an excellent digital notepad, allowing you to record memos using text, voice recordings and photographs. These can then be retrieved from your PC and if you have a flash of inspiration then your great ideas need not be lost in the ether.

8. Bloomberg

If you are a financial wizard then the iPhone iteration of the Bloomberg service will be a useful companion. Giving you a breakdown of the world`s financial markets with real time info updates, its clean interface will help you manage your portfolio and react to breaking incidents.

9. Freshbooks Minibooks

For invoicing and the management of clients, payments and every aspect of your job, this app is perfect. If you are a freelance worker or a small business owner it`s sure to be useful.

10. PayPal

PayPal has become the secure payment service of choice for many businesses and individuals. With the iPhone app you can use this service to accept payments, transfer funds and get on with your day to day working life while you marvel at the way your smartphone deals with all of these previously taxing tasks.


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