10 Best Features of iPhone

iPhone has several best features present in it that can make the users happy. iPhone is certainly not the first touch screen phone or the first smart phone in the market. But it is one of the best executed ones up to date. It has been a revolutionary phone having attracted users from all parts of the world. A lot of new features have been added in the latest version of the iPhone, which is the iPhone 4. Out of the ‘many’ features present in the iPhone, let us see about a few of them in this post.

iphone best features1 10 Best Features of iPhone

Very Good Integration

The iPhone connects to all the applications in the best possible way. We can immediately email the photos taken, share it in social networking sites or assign to a contact. The music player automatically pauses when a call comes in and resumes automatically after the call is cut.

Easy Synchronization

We can easily synchronize Calendars, movies, music, email, photos and songs from the iTunes to the iPhone. iPhone also syncs with iCal on Mac.

iphone sync feature 10 Best Features of iPhone

Live YouTube Videos

This is one of the fantastic features present in the iPhone. With just a single click, we can access thousands of videos. We just need to type in the title of the video we want and it lists all relevant videos. It is not integrated with the browser. The quality of the videos is optimized for the iPhone and we can even bookmark our favorite videos.

iphone youtube 10 Best Features of iPhone

Zoom features

This is one of the attractive features of the iPhone.  The multi-touch screen interface is highly touted. We just need to ‘Pinch’ the screen to zoom in and zoom out. This is one of the most recognized iPhone touch gesture.

Top class Web Browsing

One of the most widely used and notable feature of iPhone is ‘Web browsing’. It offers the best browsing experience which cannot be felt in any other mobile.

iphone browsing feature 10 Best Features of iPhone

Rotate Screen

When we turn the iPhone by 90 degrees, the iPhone automatically detects it and rotates the screen view. If we are watching a movie or a picture or be it even the web browser, iPod or games, the screen is automatically rotated.

IPhone rotation best feature 10 Best Features of iPhone


This is an attractive application. It helps us read all kinds of PDF books without the need for converting them to the respective format. It is very easy and interesting to have this app feature on iPhone as it gives a real time experience of turning the pages in the book. We can even highlight, bookmark the text when reading the book.

ibooks iphone best feature 10 Best Features of iPhone

Face Time Calling

iPhone 4 has FaceTime video calling app. It allows the users make high quality video calls just by tapping the FaceTime button. It is available only through Wi-Fi.

facetime calling iphone feature 10 Best Features of iPhone

Retina Display

The presence of Virtual Retinal Display (VRD ) feature in the iPhone 4 helps in portraying raster images directly to the retina of the eye. It gives the best possible sharpness and quality.

Slide to Unlock

This is yet another pretty cool feature of the iPhone. To unlock the iPhone, we just need to slide the graphical slider present in the iPhone using our finger, from left to right. It’s basically impossible to unlock the iPhone accidentally.

iphone slide to unlock 10 Best Features of iPhone

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  1. Nguyen Trung says:

    Well, I used Iphone and I think this is the best powerful mobile. Thanks @Siddharth for sharing nice article
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  2. SHAKTHI ARUN.K says:

    classic techie stuff dude ,you keep rocking with ur unique reviews of gizmos ,
    anyways thanks for the share .

  3. Welcome.. sure buddy :) wait and watch ..

  4. that’s great to hear from an iPhone user.. thanks for the comment dude :)

  5. Sathish @ TechieMania says:

    Looks really cool. But I cant afford to buy it now since my income is pretty low. But I am sure that one day I can get my hands on it. Thanks for sharing the insights da.
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  6. #11. It is from Apple ;)
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  7. he he.. Ofcourse :D

  8. he he.. i can’t agree that u have low income :D
    Siddharth recently posted..10 Best Features of iPhone

  9. Hey nice article :) You can find most of these features in other smartphones too, but not as cool as they are in the iPhone!

  10. yes.. Ofcourse :) !

  11. nice article on features of iPhone, i like Live Youtube , ibooks, and the most important Browsing. unbelievable experience while browsing in iPhone, i have used one of my friends iPhone for sometime.

  12. yes.. iphone rocks always :)

  13. i love to watch YouTube Videos on iphone only..
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  14. Thanks for sharing this article and your knowledge with us, Siddharth. I like Face Time Calling feature rather than other.
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  15. yes Facetime Calling feature rocks :)

  16. This is an awesome post man. You’ve hit the nail on the head and pretty much listed all the fantastic features of iPhone.

  17. thanks for your valuable comment :)

  18. Hey,
    I think the typing in iPhone is inferior when compared tho the Samsung galaxy s, what you say?

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