Daily Must-Do Activities For Bloggers And Marketers.

blogger-activitiesOnline world is a place where everyone who wishes to survive, must keep doing something or the other in order to remain in the race. It gets even more important for the simple reason that gone are the days when people turned to a radio or a newspaper to know what is going on around them; instead search engines do this job now. There is very little chance of your business reaping handsome dividends without being online. While being online is the first step, next you need to do is create a blog that keeps attracting visitors to your site. Having done both these activities, you need to continuously do a set of certain daily activities to keep the business rolling in the right direction.

Here are 7 daily must-do activities for bloggers and marketers:

1. Checking Analytics

Before you start marketing your website, you need to be in picture of what is happening with your website or blog in the online world. One good way to track your data and visitors is to install Google Analytics to know what is working and what is not.

2. Writing Content

No matter whatever the situation is, continuous generation of content is a must. This becomes all the more important to make some headway through the crowd if you are working on a saturated niche. Content is the topmost element that gets visitors to your blog or business. There is no denial that it is not easy to have a quality post daily but then there are various ways to overcome it such as scheduling.

3. Getting On Social Media

Use social media to keep the masses updated about what is latest with your blog. Make an effort to be active on Twitter daily. Post a tip regarding your industry or just re-tweet something daily to keep the traction on your blog. Facebook is another wonder way to attract crowd. Whatever be your business, it is a primary requirement to have a Facebook page. Daily Facebook updates keep the confidence of your following in you and increases the overall branding.

4. Implement SEO Techniques

Try to learn something new every day about SEO as it is the most basic of all elements that you need to keep yourself afloat in the online world. Join a forum that focuses on your niche and try to know the latest trends in SEO. If you have not been able to acquaint yourself much with SEO tips and tricks, devote sometime daily to educating yourself on it. During initial stages of your business, you will need to do the SEO yourself as you may not be able to hire a pro for it. Guest blogging is one such SEO tactic that you can implement if you find time.

5. Google Alerts

Have Google Alerts set up for your company name and important keywords. Keep updating yourself through Google Alerts on the kind of conversations that are taking place across the web about your business.

6. Schedule Triberr Posts

As a blogger, you cannot afford to be ignorant of Triberr. This application lets you connect with other bloggers working on your niche and enables you to share their content. The simplicity it offers is probably the best part of this tool. You just have to connect your blog to RSS feeds and any new post appearing there gets immediately submitted to Triberr. When you receive such a post or when others receive yours, you can share them on platforms like Twitter and have a great content sharing equation with your Tribesmen (that is what others connected to you on Triberr are called).

7. Brainstorming

This is another important of all daily activities that you should do in order to keep going strong. Keep brainstorming yourself or with your team on ideas to propel yourself even higher in the online world. It can be anything from a new promotion idea on Twitter to a new thought in your mind what you want to write on. At the end of the day you should have an idea for your next blog post.

Internet is not a platform business owners can afford to avoid. It also does not pay dividends to a user who does not believe in keeping updated with the latest trends in the industry. A week or a fortnight of unmonitored business is enough to push you back to where you started from. Armed with this list of 7 daily activities that you as a blogger or a marketer must do, you are certain to take your online visibility to greater heights.

Author Bio: Bernard Naylor is an Online Manager for CJ Pony Parts – one of the Top Mustang parts and accessories retailers in the world. He also likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.


  1. says

    These 7 activities are very important and essential to get more visitors. All of us should follow these steps and keep update with our visitors and team. Thanks for sharing your ideas in simple and easy way.

  2. Siddharth says

    Yes true, but at times, when overdone it harms the website after recent algo updates by google.

  3. Prateek says

    Thanx a ton! This article is very helpful for me since i just entered in blogging field and shurely i will implement every word in my techniques :-)

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