Galaxy Note 4 – Specifications & Upcoming Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was first unveiled in the last year’s December and it’s been one of the most powerful smartphones currently empowering Samsung to have large consumer response. Samsung isn’t sitting idle either but handling the unveiling process of Galaxy S5. Currently, they’ve got huge response for their Galaxy S5 but their Galaxy S series flagship has disappointed many consumers who were looking for technology-leaping specs in the flagship. But, wait, Samsung hasn’t finished for this year. They have two more quarters to show their smartphones. Now, we’re pretty sure that Samsung will unveil another flagship from the Note series.

Galaxy Note 4 – Specifications

Galaxy Note 4 – Specifications, Upcoming Features &Software Updates

According to the prehistoric release dates of the Note series, we’re pretty certain; Samsung will announce their next Note series within the 2nd half of this year. As per the news and rumors that are ongoing through the market, Samsung is going to unveil their smartphone in August or September of 2014.

Powerful Specs

At first, we heard, Samsung will implement the idea of using flexible technology in their Note series with three sided display. But, really that’s not the drill as the current news is saying. Flexible display will come handy in the next year with the next flagship Galaxy S6. But, according to lots of researches, we found Galaxy Note 4 will include 2K display within its 5.5-5.7-inches screen.
On the other hand, it will be powered by Exynos 8000 Chipset, or the next Snapdragon Chipset. We’re still unsure about the upcoming phones’ chipset or processor but we’re certain that Samsung is working on its 64-bit processor that’s implemented in the Galaxy S5. We’ve always seen a bit of extra RAM in the Note series smartphones from Samsung so it would be no wonder if we see 4GB RAM. It’s a bit of doubt, but one of Chinese Manufacturers already unveiled a smartphone with 4GB RAM, so we’re confirmed that Note 4 will be out with 4GB RAM. On the other hand, it’ll pack 128GB of on-board memory and 3600-3800mAh battery to run throughout the day.

Awesome Features

One of the best things about Galaxy S5 is that they came up with Better Power Saving Feature that enables to device to last two times than it should. It can come really handy in tough situations. So, we’re expecting to see similar feature on Note 4 as well.
According to various rumors, it’s been said that Samsung might include Water and Dust protection system in their next Note series smartphone. Don’t count out the possible 21MP camera on its rear and 5MP on its front.

Software Updates – With Android Lollipop

Within June or July, we’re going to see Android 4.5, and seeing that Galaxy S5 already came out with KitKat, we’re pretty sure they’re going to include Android Lollipop in Galaxy Note 4. The Note series smartphones are equipped with industry-leading Wacom Bamboo S-Pen which enables to write swiftly on its screen. Samsung will update the pen with newer features and also their S-Note app with more precise handwriting recognition technology. Let’s see what we’re going to see in the next few months, we’ll also keep you updated about any news that we catch in our hand. Keep tuned for more info.

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