Why is Klout Score Very Important for Businesses?

Klout score importance is relevant to those who want to know the magnitude of influence they have “online”. We post, we tweet, we share, we like and we comment, but seldom do we know how much influence we really have within our virtual networks! If you are a social media user (among the 400 plus million users) with a Klout score, you have a definite idea about how influential you are in the world of social media. Thus, Klout score importance is meaningful to you only if you are a social media user interested about knowing your “online” worth.

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What is Klout?

Klout, founded in 2009, is a San Francisco-based company that assesses online influence with the help of data obtained from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various other social media networks. Klout assigns a “Klout score” between 1 and 100 to each social media user. The higher the score of a user, greater the influence that user is believed to have within his digital networks. Although Klout has steadily become popular over the last few years, many still doubt its methods. They argue that Klout scores, based on well-guarded and complicated algorithms, are quite arbitrary. According to them, Klout should not count for much in the wide big world of social media.

However, many disagree and vouch for the importance of Klout score. They argue that you need to learn the art and science of using sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Wikipedia to your greatest advantage and thus increase your Klout score. Entrepreneurs with impressive Klout scores often offer useful tips to those looking for an effective expansion of their digital influence. Klout score importance, though looked-down-upon by many, is not something that the present-day professionals can afford to just ignore.

For whom does Klout Score Matter the Most?

Klout score matters the most for those who wish to be influential or those who are influencers.

This, in particular, is true for people like entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, speakers, authors, actors, motivators, public relation professionals and other thought leaders. Today, Klout is particularly important for those who are in marketing for any enterprise. The present-day decisions are made on the basis of influence, Klout providing a good way of quantifying the volume of influence you have been able to expand online. The importance of Klout score also holds true for individuals who wish to receive “Klout Perks” from brands that look to share services and products with greatly influential people. Klout score does not matter a lot, if the business is too focused on a strict geographical area. Klout score matters the most when a professional is looking for a nationwide or global audience for which an online influence is important without a doubt.

Klout score importance might not be so great that a Klout score will replace a resume. It can never be “Resume” or “Klout score”. However, it can definitely be “Resume” and “Klout score”. A Klout score will never be able to replace a resume just as a telephone could never replace every face-to-face meeting.


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    Hello Siddarth – Thanks for Sharing the importance of Klout and Klout Score. I have never checked my score and gave importance to Klout. I will hit Klout next to check my influence. Thanks again.

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