Tips for a Great Web Design

Tips for a Great Web Design

Tips for a Great Web Design

A website is a very important tool for sharing information, as well as promoting products and services. Generally, the success of any site is determined by the quality, as well as usability of its design. The following are some design tips which will help you attract and retain visitors on your site.

1. Clear navigation

When people visit your site, they would want to move around with ease. This is why a good navigation system is very important. Make sure the main links appear prominently on your web pages. Preferably, the main navigation menu should appear at the top of your page, just below the banner. You can use the left, right or bottom of your page to display links to other important parts of your site.

2. Fast loading pages

This is very important element for a good web design. It is pointless to have a website which looks attractive, but cannot be accessed by many people due to a slow loading time. Ideally, a web page should be able to load within less than 15 seconds. One of the best ways of speeding up your loading time is minimizing the use of images and Flash animations.

3. Browser compatibility

You need to test your site to find if it is compatible with all the major browsers. For instance, the site might look very attractive on Internet Explorer, but look disorganized on Mozilla Firefox. However, with a little tweaking and modification, such design problems can easily be dealt with.

4. Minimize use of images

When it comes to web design, simple is always better. The people visiting your site are more concerned about the content rather than the design. Therefore, you need to ensure that images are used as sparingly as possible. Having too many images will not only clutter your pages, but could also slow down the loading speed. Rather than adding excess images, you could use tables to create attractive icons to capture the attention of visitors.

5. Use of white space

great designWhite space is a very important element of a good web design. Having lots of white space makes a site look neater, and also offers a sense of spaciousness. One of the best ways of maximizing on white spaced is by limiting the use of backgrounds as well as images.

6. Readable fonts

You must ensure that the font used on your site appears professional, as well as readable. If the font is Brush Script and the color is green or red, visitors are likely to click away even before reading the content. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of using such fonts which are not reader friendly. Instead, it would be advisable to stick to common fonts such as Calibri and Arial.

7. Check for broken links

Broken links might end up frustrating your visitors, as well as have a negative effect on your site’s reputation. This is why it is very important to regularly check and fix any broken links on your site. There are several free tools available online that you can use to identify broken links.

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  1. amandeep says

    1. average internet users do not exist.
    2. know your users.
    3.define your web site objectives.
    4. human factors.
    5. user-centered desing tip.
    6. update faq pages.
    7. homepage tips. to sell the benfits of using your site.
    9. starting points for three types of users.
    10. optimizing homepages real estate.

  2. says

    Hello Siddhart
    Good Day!

    A website is a very important tool for sharing information, as well as promoting products and services. Great tips. It really helpful tips that you shared. I have learned from your blog.

  3. zulfiqar ali says

    Very useful tips for developing a good website and it is also helpful for increasing website SEO.

  4. says

    all my website has a white background and it looks fresh and neat. not really a fan of jquery as they make my site loading slow.

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    its an amazing technique to good web designing.actually i don’t have interest about web designing.after studying this blog i decided to learn web designing course.thanks for your support.

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