Android Tablets Vs iPad – Comparison of Extremes

ipad vs android

Android Tablets Vs iPad

There are so many hi-tech tablets in the market that it can be really confusing for any consumer to pick the right one from the lot and comparing android tablet vs. iPad can be the major task at hand before taking the final call. iPad is a line of tablet devices designed and marketed by Apple Inc., which also runs the iOS from the house of Apple; on the other hand, Android is an open source operating system launched by the web giant Google and more or less all the renowned and lesser renowned electronics companies have launched their tablets that run Android. The selection process undertaken by the consumer to pick the best tablet in the market should be fully driven by his or her particular needs. Both the types of tablets have their strong points as well as weaknesses; so the user needs to match his needs according to that of the variety of the tablet to get the most satisfying service.  Here is a cart discussion on android vs iOS which highlights on both strengths and weaknesses of these two types of tablet computers.

Strengths and weaknesses of iPad

The iOS App Store which houses over 800,000 apps with 300,000 apps specifically designed for iPad is no doubt a major strength for iPad. The same you can find in case of accessories; there are number of customization options for iPad, and you can use it extensively for almost every purpose. IPad apps need to get approved by Apple to be sold, which makes them simpler and eliminates the junk of bugs before it is downloaded by the user. On the other hand, the strict approval process of Apple often discourages the new app developers, loosing valuable apps for iPad users. IPad is not capable of expanding its storage space, which is a major drawback of the product. From the price point, iPad suffers a great beat down from the Android tablets; a current generation Android tablet with good processing power and storage can come at less than $100 from the lowest iPad range iPad Mini.

Strengths and weaknesses of Android tablets:

Comparison of Android Tablets with iPad

Strengths and weaknesses – Comparison of Android Tablets with iPad

The biggest strength of Android is that it offers you a vast array of options to choose from; looks, size, price, style and utility; you can have a number of options for each of these factors when buying an Android tablet. The latest Android devices also support some advance features like widgets, which are not at all available with iPad.The Android app store has also gone bigger with time and presently includes around 80,000 app; but due to lack of supervision, the number might be more suitable in books than in use. Android tablets even from brands like Amazon and Google are available at a much lower price than iPad, which is no doubt a great gain for Android tablets. Android tablets are produced even by a number of lesser known companies and these tablets often are not able to support all the Android updates; sticking to the premier android tablet brands can be the only solution to this issue.

The final verdict:

Comparing android tablet vs iPad, might not be like comparing apples and oranges, but it is surely like comparing an apple with a box of apples. So while you compare android tablet vs iPad, also give a thought about your specific needs and pick accordingly.


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    Most people will develop and app for iOS first, just because its easier to. Developing for just one type of device (iPad or iPhone) is much easier. Its much more work to develop for Android because there are so many different devices that it has to work on. So while its nice that we have options as Android users, in terms of phones, it has limited the app store.
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