iPhone Language Learning Apps

There are many language learning apps for the iPhone. Apple has had a lot of developers working on creating their massive database of apps. It is hard to fit a lot of apps on just one article, so most of the language apps below are based upon learning European languages. However you will find that many of the apps have brother and sister versions, which use the same techniques and interfaces to teach you other languages. One example that is cited on the article is the app by Accio. The Accio apps are listed here for French and Spanish, but there are actually a wide range of languages you can learn with Accio.

 iPhone Language Learning Apps


This app teaches you with flashcards to help you put words with text. It has an audio learning systems which increases the difficultly of phrases and words as you make more progress. It is your job to click if you were right or wrong so that it can track your progress.

iStart Spanish!

This is a basic Spanish learning app that teaches you basic conversational Spanish. It is good for people whose native language is drastically removed from the Spanish tongue. It has fifty lessons with audio instruction to help you learn faster.

Spanish Tutor 24/7

This app has interactive functions and study tools instead of phrasebooks and flashcards. There is also a Lite Edition, which has all of the functions of the original, but is less comprehensive.

AccelaStudy Spanish | English

This is an app that allows you to speak Spanish by teaching you how to pronounce Spanish words if you are a native English speaker. It is good for increasing your spoken vocabulary very quickly.

Basic Spanish For Dummies

This is based upon the “For Dummies” books, which is good for starting out learning Spanish, and is good for brushing up on your skills. As you can image–the app increases its difficulty rating as you go along in the same way that the books do.

Spanish-English Dictionary from Accio

This is an English to Spanish (and back again) dictionaries. It has a massive library from languages, not to mention 165,000 definitions. If you start typing then it will try to guess what you are trying to say.

Spanish Anywhere

This is an app that has a mixture of textual tools and speaking tools. For example there is a text translation tool and a word pronunciation tool.

Memorize Words for Spanish

Every day it will give you a few words to memorize. The app is not silly enough to think that you will retain all of the words, but over time, you will retain quite a few if you use the app every day.

uTalk Spanish

This app helps you to talk Spanish but also gives you some very effective tools and methods for remembering what you have seen and heard. It uses various clever methods to hardwire Spanish into your mind. It is a very effective app if you want to learn how to speak Spanish.

Toddler Time! – Spanish

It is a bright and colorful app that is made for children of two to four years old. It is good for parents who are mixed race, when it appears that the child is favoring one language over the other.

French in Space

This is a flash card app, which helps you to improve your French vocabulary, but they have integrated the flashcards into arcade games. The app is good if your child is not a big fan of learning French.

iSpeak French – iSpeak

The developers worked this app to function with the iPad and iPhone as if it were designed for both individually, which makes it a universal app (the Apple Universe). It teaches you both French text and French audio to help you write and speak French respectively.

French-English Dictionary from Accio

This app needs no Internet connection, which means you can swap and change words quickly without having to wait for it to load. It allows you to translate French words to English and back again.

German Travel Pro

This app uses Gengo Flashcards to help you grow your German vocabulary. It uses visual cues and voices of real German people to help you learn the German words and learn how to pronounce them correctly.

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